iPhone users reporting significant battery drainage issues following iOS 14.6 update

Following the public release of iOS 14.6 last week, several users are reporting significant battery drainage issues on online forums and multiple social media platforms.

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 14.6, offers several new enhancements and features, including Apple Card Family Sharing supportPodcasts subscriptionsemail address instead of phone for Lost mode for AirTag, and many bug fixes. The update

iPhone users reporting huge battery drain and overheating issues following iOS 14.6 update


iOS 14.6 update causing huge battery drainage issues for some iPhone users

Users are sharing the iOS 14.6 related battery drainage issues on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms noting that they have been experiencing drastically reduced battery life since installing the update.

While most complaints are from iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max owners, several users with iPhone 8, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 are also reporting battery drain and overheating issues. As reported by one Reddit user.

It’s not just the 12 series that is facing the problems. Even the phones before it i.e., 11 series and xr are facing idle battery drain and overheating issues

Another user noted that the battery drainage issue is just an iOS 14 issue adding that they “miss iOS 13.”

Agreed. I’m starting to think it’s just an iOS 14 issue though. Seems like battery life got drastically worse from iOS 13 to 14. I’m on an XR and only averaged 6 hours and 24 minutes of SOT today from a charge of 98 percent to 1 percent before plugging my phone in.

The reason behind the excessive battery drainage is unknown however several users suspect the Podcast and Music apps are the culprits since they have been consuming staggering amounts of battery, according to the battery usage page. One Reddit user suggested that the issue could be related to AirTag being added into Apple’s Find My network.

Pretty sure it’s related to airtags being added into the find my network. A ton of people have said once they added an airtag, their battery life took a hit. But you also gotta realize that airtag location awareness was also added to every iOS device with 14.6

iOS 14.6 update causing huge battery drain and overheating issues for some iPhone users

A Twitter user noted that their battery went from 93% to 84% in just 22 minutes after updating to iOS 14.6.

After downloading any iOS update, it is normal for users to expect slight battery drainage in the days following dye to the system reindexing the content in your device. However, keeping in mind that iOS 14.6 was released more than a week ago, users should not be experiencing excessive battery drainage issues. If the issue is software-related, Apple may provide a fix for it in iOS 14.7.

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