iSuppli predicts iPad sales may reach 100 million in 2012

iPad has proved to be a big success for Apple as they have sold more than three million iPads in just a few months. The sales of the iPad will surely increase with time as currently, it is available in only 10 countries and it is scheduled to launch in 9 more countries this Friday. Apple is planning to launch the iPad in many more countries by the end of this year. Looking at this pattern of iPad sales, research firm iSuppli has posted a report which says that Apple will sell 100 million iPad by 2012.

iPad will be avaialable in 10 more countries

iSuppli now predicts Apple will ship 12.9 million iPads in 2010, an increase from the previous forecast issued April 2nd of 7.1 million units. Shipments will rise to 36.5 million in 2011 and 50.4 million in 2012.

iPad sales may reach 100 million in 2010

And Rhoda Alexander, director of monitor research for iSuppli said

The iPad is shaping up to be the ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ of the 2010 holiday season, with product demand expected to vastly exceed available supply.

Apple has hiked its iPad manufacturing goals to suppliers across Asia. As iSuppli stated in its initial forecast, the key to continuing success will be how quickly Apple responds to issues as they arise and whether the company can align suppliers to meet demand needs. Apple’s acceleration of its component demand indicates that the company has raised its iPad production target for 2010. Our latest research indicates there is much higher production than previously expected for two key components: LCD panels and NAND flash.

Clearly, the iPad has made its name in the market of tablet devices and it looks hard for any other tablet to even come near the iPad’s popularity. That’s why the report notes that Apple really wants to increase the pace of production of the iPad. Manufacturing production is currently the primary limitation of iPad. Apple is trying to increase the production of the iPad so it can eventually be available worldwide.

iSuppli also predicts that Apple will introduce the next generation of iPads in April and it is also expected that the next generation of iPads will have a front facing camera since Apple wants to bring facetime to all its iDevices. Rumors are also floating that Apple will introduce smaller sized iPads with LED display by the end of this year.

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