Latest Google Nexus One unboxing pictures and video by Engadget

Google Nexus OneThe guys over at Engadget have luckily gotten their hands on the Google Nexus One and have taken loads of unboxing pictures as well as a video walkthrough of the interface. If you’ve been thinking that this is the iPhone killer we’ve all been waiting for – well, you’re wrong. While it’s definitely faster than the Droid, it feels just like the Droid. And since the Droid Didn’t, don’t expect the Nexus One to beat the iPhone either.

The specifications exactly match the ones that were leaked some days ago by Engadget themselves. With 512MB of RAM and ROM and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it’s blazing fast. But as Engadget reports, the phone still stutters a bit when shifting between home pages. Apart from that, it outperforms the Droid in every aspect. You can’t use multitouch in the Nexus One, but be assured there will be a hack available soon which will enable it.

The UI has been updated with better icons, 5 home screens, new widgets and live interactive backgrounds. The Nexus One is thinner than the iPhone as well. Despite these improvements, Engadget doesn’t believe that the Nexus One has the fit and finish of the likes of the iPhone or Palm Pre. The Nexus One has Android 2.1 while the Droid had Android 2.0.1.

Nexus One is expected to be launched tomorrow in an Android Press Conference by Google in Mountain View, California. Nexus One is expected to be available for $180 with T-Mobile or $530 for an unlocked version ( the cost will obviously increase if you live outside the US, as much as an unlocked iPhone 3GS ).

In any case, the Google Phone is finally here. Google should hope their first self-branded lives up to the huge hype it has generated. Else, it’s just another one of those failed Android phones that we thought will be an iPhone killer.

Nexus One

(All images are by Engadget. Check out the complete set of unboxing pictures over at Engadget)

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