Apple’s M1 Macs and unidentified ‘B2002’ product appear in Bluetooth SIG database

Along with the recently launched M1 Macs, an unidentified product with ‘B2002’ name has been listed by Apple in the Bluetooth SIG database. The database is a list of products certified by Bluetooth SIG and the information can publicly be seen in the Launch Studio.

Apple had recently listed its new M1 chip-based Macs including MacBook AirMacBook Pro, and Mac mini. All three of these Macs are listed as personal computers, while ‘B2002’ is listed as ‘Controller Subsystem + Host + Profile’, which means that it could a placeholder entry for components instead of a completely new product.

M1 Macs

M1 Macs appear in Bluetooth SIG database, mysterious product entry remains unidentified

Bluetooth is currently used in almost every Apple product that we can think of: iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Macs, HomePods, Apple TV, and Apple Watch so the mysterious entry could refer to a component for any of these devices. Upcoming devices such as AirTags could be another potential product that this listing might be for, however, this is all speculation for now.

Future M1 Macs (or M1X or M2?) include an iMac, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, leading up to an Apple Silicon Mac Pro down the road. For now, we expect Apple to introduce redesigned next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models this year, along with a redesigned iMac. Apple is also working on a new iPad Pro to launch this year, with mini LED and 5G networking. The company is also working on an external monitor, but we doubt that it will require or feature Bluetooth connectivity.

For now, M1 Macs have taken the tech industry by storm. Intel has been on the defensive and running marketing campaigns to convince customers that its processors are still relevant and somehow a ‘better’ alternative than M1 Macs.

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