New Mac mini with A12z chip sent out to Developers for preparing apps

Apple has announced the switch from Intel Core processors to its own Apple Silicon for future Mac at WWDC 2020 last week. Therefore, Mac minis were sent to the participating developers as part of the Developer Transition Kits to initiate the transition process.

As a part of this ‘Universal App Quick Start Program’, interested developers sign-up by paying a $500 fee and receive the required resources and technical support for developing and testing apps to run on the new system. The new kit is equipped with the necessary software and hardware paraphernalia which will help developers to transition their apps from Intel processor to Apple’s custom ARM-based chip.

After receiving their kits, developers  @Axel Roest, @Adrian Thomas, @Till Schadde, and others have shared images of the Developer Transition Kits Twitter.

Mac Mini

This years Developers Transition Kit includes a modified Mac mini with A12z chip and 16GB RAM so apps are built for the new Macs running on ARM-based chips.

Apple Silicon comes with guidelines from the company that restricts developers from sharing  information on any platform, including benchmark scores. Furthermore, the Mac mini kit needs to be returned to Apple after a year.

Mac mini

The first Apple Silicon Mac is scheduled to launch by the end of 2020 which will be followed by a complete transition of the entire Mac line-up in the next two years. While showing off its performance at the WWDC 2020 event, the company claimed that its new Mac Apple Silicon will provide the best performance in the tech industry.

Till then, Intel Macs will also continue receiving updates. Apple has confirmed that new Intel Macs are also in the pipeline and Apple Silicon’s debut does not mark the end of Intel-based Macs.

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