Transfer your Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos with these easy steps

Facebook and Google have an easy solution for users who like to keeps their photos and videos backed up into a secure account. This can also easily be done if you are low on storage on your iPhone, laptop, or any other device, as the website allows users to directly back up their photos and videos into their Google Photos account.

The feature has been here for a while now. Previously, users had to individually download their account data, extract it, and then upload it to their Google account. However, this process has been simplified by the company as it provides an option directly within your Privacy settings to transfer all your Photos to the Google account signed into your browser. Your Facebook account does not necessarily have to be connected to your Google account.

How to transfer Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos

Here is how to can safely and easily transfer all your Facebook photos and videos to your Google Photos account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the drop-down menu in the far left corner of the screen > Click on Settings and Privacy.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-1
  3. Click on Settings.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-2
  4. Select Your Facebook Information from the menu.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-3
  5. Select Transfer a copy of your Facebook Photos or Videos.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-4
  6. Click onĀ Choose Destination > Google Photos.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-6
  7. Users can only select one of the available options, i.e. Photos or Videos.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-7
  8. Google Photos will ask permission to import photos/videos. Click on Allow.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-8
  9. Facebook will also ask for confirmation to export your information. Click on Confirm Transfer.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-9
  10. Your Photos/Videos will start transferring to your Google Photos account, immediately. Once the process is completed, the status of your process will change to Completed.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-10
  11. Your Google Photos account will also start to display your transferred data.
    transfer-facebook-photos and-vidoes-to-google-photos-11

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