MagSafe 15W fast charging restricted to Apple 20W adapter – works slower with other adapters

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the new lineup for iPhone 12 along with a new MagSafe charger that attaches to the back of the phones, providing up to 15W charging power which is double the speed of Qi-based wireless charging which supports 7.5W.

With the $39 MagSafe charger, Apple does not provide a power adapter, forcing the users to supply their own USB-C compatible substitute. Apple sells a 20W adapter that seems to be the only one to power the MagSafe charger at full 15W speed.


MagSafe 15W fast charging restricted to Apple 20W adapter

This discovery was made by a YouTuber Aaron Zollo of Zollotech, who tested several first and third-party power adapters with the iPhone 12 Pro and a MagSafe charger, using a meter to gauge the power output. Once paired with the 20W power adapter provided by Apple, the charger successfully reaches 15W however, but no other chargers that were tested provided the same charging speed.

Apple confirmed that customers will need Apple’s 20W charger to make the most of the new accessory:

“Connect the USB-C connector on your MagSafe Charger to a 20 watt (W) or greater Apple USB-C power adapter. Your MagSafe Charger needs a power adapter of at least 12 W of power, and your iPhone charges less quickly when using a power adapter that provides less than 20 W. You can also connect to a USB-C port on a Mac or to third-party adapters that comply with applicable safety standards.”


According to the tests ran by Zollo, when an 18W adapter was used on the iPhone 12 Pro, it provided a maximum speed of 13W, whereas, the 96W power adapter and third-party adapters were not able to exceed 10W when used with the MagSafe charger. Below are the rest of the results:

  • Apple’s 20W power adapter – 15W
  • Apple’s 18W power adapter – 13W
  • Apple’s 96W MacBook Pro power adapter – 10W
  • Aukey 65W power adapter – 8W to 9W
  • Note 20 Ultra Charger – 6W to 7W
  • Anker 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1 – 7.5W to 10W
  • Pixel 4/5 charger – 7.5W to 9W

Zollo also confirmed that older Qi-compatible iPhone models, like the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max, charge at about 5W with MagSafe. Apple previously said that Qi devices would charge at 7.5W.

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