Microsoft Edge forces huge banner ads directly on Chrome’s download site

Microsft Edge is aggressively placing huge advertisement banners while users try to download another web browser like Chrome or others. It is unusual because Microsoft had never been this aggressive about promoting Edge to go as far as showing a promotion banner on the download page of other browsers.

Microsoft Edge

Huge ad banner appears when users attempt to download other browsers via Microsoft Edge

When a user tries to download other browsers via Microsoft Edge, the browser shows a notification telling them that they do not need to download a new web browser.

As spotted by FireCube on Twitter, Microsoft shows a massive banner on the Chrome Canary download page saying that Edge can also run the same technology as Chrome, “but with the added trust of Microsoft.” The promotional banner includes a link to the Edge download page.

Although Google also shows banners to promote Chrome and they only appear on the company’s websites, it does not show ads on the Firefox website, nor does it force users whenever they want to download another browser.

Microsoft Edge Chrome banner

Not to forget there are some great benefits of using Edge over Chrome, such as free VPN, Drop in Sidebar, and protection for typosquatting is exclusive to Microsoft Edge. But a lot of people use Chrome as their go-to web browser for surfing the web.

However, Microsoft pushing Edge more aggressively may not go down well. Microsoft watcher FireCube raised objections saying it sets a bad precedent and should not be normalized. Many also pointed out saying this is just like Google’s notification which says YouTube works best on Chrome.

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