Netflix’s co-founder criticizes Apple TV+ prolonged free trial period and business model

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Netflix’s co-founder and former CEO, Marc Randolph criticized Apple TV+ free trial period and content catalog. He also commended the impressive growth of Disney+, an emerging rival of his video streaming service.

In a recent survey by JustWatch, it was revealed that in Q4 of 2020, Netflix is at top of the video streaming industry with a 31 percent market share in the United States, while Apple TV+ was at the bottom with only captured 3% of the market share. Amazon Prime captured 22%,  Hulu captured 14%, Disney+ captured 13%, HBO Max captured 9% and newly launched Peacock captured 6%. Unlike other services, Apple TV+ only offers original content. Therefore, it was assumed that the outbreak of COVID-19 after months of launch has affected the expansion of its catalog which might be responsible for its failure to attract new users.


Apple TV+ year-long free trial period is not conducive for its growth says Netflix co-founder

MacRumors writes that Randolph’s advice for Apple is to get into the video streaming business with “both feet”.

“If Apple spent one quarter as much time on content as they do on giveaways they really could play,” Randolph said. “They have no excuse [and] they’re still not in it with both feet. They really have to do the entrepreneurial thing and walk up to the edge of the cliff and jump.

He went on to explain that ‌Apple TV+‌ has the “highest churn rate” out of all the available streaming services. “You can’t keep replacing people,” he said. “You’ve got to give them a reason to stay.

Apple TV

On the other side, impressed with Disney+ growth in a short time, Randolph said that,

On Disney+, Randolph said that the streaming service has “fought its way up to a really strong position” with its continuous slate of new content. “It’s really a war of who’s prepared to make the content,” he said.

Disney+ just today announced that it has hit 95 million subscribers and could hit Netflix-like numbers in just a few years. Netflix currently has more than 200 million subscribers.

Although with a very slow start, Apple TV+ viewership is growing with the addition of new content. The recent premiere of the movie ‘Palmer’, the service recorded its “most-watched weekend ever.” The score is achieved 15 months after its launch in November 2019. Do you agree with this criticism? Let us know in the comments section.

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