New Apple Music ads feature DJ Khaled, Naomi Campbell and Ray Liotta

Apple has been going full force with Apple Music marketing. They have featured Drake and Taylor Swift amongst other celebrities. The newest celebrity to feature in Apple Music ads is DJ Khaled. 

New Apple Music ads feature DJ Khaled, Naomi Campbell and Ray Liotta

DJ Khaled recently become known for more than just his music thanks to his social media presence.

The first ad, posted on Instagram and Twitter, shows him with Naomi Campbell. He uses Apple Music to fire up a playlist while taking a drive in a Rolls Royce. The ad weirdly ends up with both of them kissing. I’m still unsure why that was a part of an ad focused towards Apple Music.

The second ad features him in a conversation with Ray Liotta, in a salon. He is seen convincing him about Apple Music’s huge collection and uses Siri to play him a song.

Not really Apple’s best Music ads.

Apple has also released a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad which celebrates the spirit of football to the tune of “Wings” by Little Simz. Shot on iPhone is a campaign started a while back which aims to highlight photos and videos taken by iPhone users.

Now this ad is something worth liking.

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