One of the four iPhone 14 models will not have 120Hz ProMotion

Apple is planning to include 120Hz ProMotion display technology on all iPhone 14 models except one. This seems contradictory to prior reports some of which had said that all iPhone 14 models will get ProMotion, while others said that iPhone 14 Pro models will continue to have ProMotion, similar to current iPhone 13 Pro models.

iPhone 14 ProMotion 120Hz

One of the four iPhone 14 models will not have ProMotion

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max use new LTPO OLED displays which allow them to ramp up their refresh rate to 120Hz. However, they can also go down to as low as 10Hz, depending on the content being displayed on the screen. This helps with conserving energy and battery life longevity.

Currently, these LTPO displays are supplied by Samsung for all iPhone 13 Pro models. The Elec reports that LG Display will also be supplying LTPO OLED displays starting from 2022, which should help Apple in rolling out the technology to more iPhone 13 models. However, The Elec also reports that Apple is planning to use LTPS OLED panels on at least one of the new iPhone 14 models:

Apple is also planning to apply low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) OLED panels on at least one of the four models planned for iPhone 14.

These are the same OLED panels that are currently used on iPhone 12 series, as well as iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 models, which means that they are limited to a 60Hz refresh rate. This could possibly mean that Apple could skip high refresh rate on iPhone 14 mini since it’s the cheapest model, or perhaps the report might be inaccurate and Apple would continue to follow the same model as it is following right now: ProMotion displays only on iPhone 14 Pro models.

This is all speculation for now so take this with a grain of salt. We would wait for more reports from other sources before we can be sure.

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