Parallels Desktop 19 now available with enhanced macOS Sonoma integration

Parallels Desktop 17 and Parallels Desktop 18 were game-changers for macOS as they introduced Windows on Apple Silicon Macs through virtualization.

Today, Corel released Parallels Desktop 19 with several exciting new features like seamless macOS Sonoma integration, a refreshed design, and a sign-in feature with Touch ID to improve the virtualization experience on Mac.

Parallels Desktop 19

Parallels Desktop 19 offers Touch ID sign-in, new design, and much more to run Windows on Apple Silicon Macs

Prior to the launch of Windows 11 in 2021, Microsoft claimed that the software update would not be supported on Apple Silicon Macs. This is because Apple Silicon is different from the x86 processors traditionally used in PCs. While Apple Silicon processors offer impressive performance and power efficiency for macOS and other ARM-compatible software, they present a challenge when it comes to running operating systems like Windows that are designed for x86 architecture.

Though Windows 11 cannot run natively on Apple Silicon Macs, Microsoft has a partnership with Parallels to enable Windows 11 support on Macs with M1 and M2 chips. It is important to note that running Windows 11 via Parallels has limitations. Particularly in gaming and apps that require DirectX 12 or OpenGL 3.3. Certain hardware, games, and apps may not be fully compatible with this virtualization.

Password-less sign-in with Touch ID

Parallels Desktop 19 allows you to effortlessly utilize biometric authentication within your virtual machines. You can now log in and authenticate your Mac using Touch ID. In addition to this, Windows passwords are now securely stored within the macOS keychain. 

If your Windows 10 or 11 is protected with a PIN or password, the next time you sign into Windows after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 19 will prompt Windows to use the new Parallels credential provided. Your Windows password will then be saved to Mac Keychain with a special Touch ID-bound record type (a record that can be used solely for Touch ID usage), available only on this Mac with your fingerprint.

Parallels Desktop 19 Touch ID


Design refresh

Along with increased functionality, Parallels Desktop 19 offers a refreshed look.  The new app icon and revamped user interface offer enhanced navigation and a modern look that seamlessly blends into your macOS Dock. Adding onto this, native dialogs ease the process of installing new virtual machines, ensuring a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

Seamless compatibility with macOS Sonoma

Specifically engineered for macOS Sonoma, Parallels Desktop 19 takes compatibility to new heights. Shared Printing functionality receives a complete overhaul, thanks to Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) support. Printing from Windows apps is now effortless.

Printing from Windows is essential for many Parallels Desktop users. As a response, our engineers re-engineered the Shared Printing feature to use Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) which is the most popular printing method nowadays. The IPP printing holds the potential for exposing more printer-specific features to Windows that our engineers are currently exploring.

Parallels 19 also offers improved display and resolution refresh when resizing screens. Pro Edition users can also enjoy the ability to remotely access a macOS Sonoma 14 virtual machine via port forwarding. This feature can be particularly handy when hosting virtual machines on Amazon EC2 Mac cloud instances.

Parallels Desktop 19 Mac

What’s new in Parallels 19 for Pro users

Pro users of Parallels 19 have access to several exclusive features. OpenGL 4.1 support in Windows opens doors to enhanced usage of applications like ArcGIS CityEngine 2023, Vectorworks Vision 2023, VariCAD, Deswik.CAD, and more. Apple Silicon Macs get a boost in integration with multi-touch gestures and additional keyboard controls. Furthermore, installation is now seamless with UI-based setups and automatic detection of local images.

Pricing and availability

Parallels Desktop 19 is available now and comes in various editions to cater to different needs. The standard edition costs $99.99 per year, while the Pro edition, which offers advanced features, is priced at $119.99 per year. For businesses, the Business edition delivers extensive capabilities at $149.99 per year. If you’re looking for a perpetual license for the standard edition, it’s available for $129.99.



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Asma is an editor at iThinkDifferent with a strong focus on social media, Apple news, streaming services, guides, mobile gaming, app reviews, and more. When not blogging, Asma loves to play with her cat, draw, and binge on Netflix shows.