PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.56 Spoofer Is Now Available For Download!

Sony can keep bugging Geohot all they want but this isn’t gonna stop the ever growing number of developers finding a new way everyday to exploit the PlayStation 3 jailbreak project. Just now, Team Rebug has released a new tool which is called the PS3 v3.56 Version Spoofer on their website. It does what the name suggests i.e make your PS3 system think you’re running firmware 3.56 while staying on jailbroken 3.55 firmware. This is NOT intended to access PSN online nor does it allow it. In fact, it is aimed at preventing accidental updating to 3.56 firmware.


From the developer’s website:

3.56 Version Spoofer does exactly what it says and can restore back to 3.55 if needed. It was never intended to allow PSN access but to stop the system from updating to 3.56 (I made it shortly after KaKaRoToKS had his false alarm).

Once the PS3 is spoofed it will stay spoofed until it is uninstalled.

Press CROSS to INSTALL 3.56 Version Spoof

Press CIRCLE to UNINSTALL 3.56 Version Spoof


Download PS3 v3.56 Version Spoofer (official link)

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[via Codename: Rebug]

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