How to directly link to text on a web page in Chrome

Chrome now lets you generate links that directly take users to a particular piece of text on a web page. Support for Scroll to Text Fragment was added to the browser with the launch of Chrome 80. However, it finally became functional for users in June 2020. With this feature, users can instantly send the receiver of the link to the specified text they want them to read.

Here is a simple guide on how to use Chrome’s Scroll to Text Fragment feature 

Link to Text Fragment Chrome Extension

Creating a link which utilizes the capability of Scroll to Text Fragment could be done previously, but it was not as convenient since it had to be done manually. Now you can download an easy-to-use Chromium extension that lets users easily create a link to any piece of text on any page. The browser extension, Link to Text Fragment, was released by Google in June 2020.

  1. To use this feature, right-click a piece of text on a web-page. Google Chrome
  2. Select the Copy Link to Selected Text option. Google Chrome If the link is created successfully, the selected text will temporarily be highlighted in yellow. Google Chrome
  3. Now you can share the link. Anyone with Chrome can open the link and share it. Safari and Firefox do not support this feature yet.

The link opened by the receiver will take them straight to the text you have highlighted. This will make it more easier to send someone specified information on a long web-page or a document without them having to scroll through it to find it.

Google Chrome

The links created by the extension are supported by Chromium browsers, exclusively. Since all browsers have not adapted this technology yet, a text fragment link will act as a regular link if opened in another browser.

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