Some iPhone 4 have Camera Coloring Problems. Really?

Its been just nearly a week since the launch of iPhone 4 and the issues with it are piling up every day! The two biggest issues that users have reported are signal reception issues and the other is that its ‘helicopter grade’ glass breaks if it falls from an average height. Several other issues have also been reported with it but we don’t think those are too serious. According to a report by Macworld, some iPhone 4 users have reported color oddities with photos taken with its back camera. The photos are perfect when taken in normal daylight but it has issues correctly capturing images in dim light with or without the LED flash.



As the image shows, that picture taken with iPhone 4 in warm indoor lighting without flash has a clear yellow and greenish cast. But the same picture taken with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and Canan 5D has no such problem.

Apple hasn’t confirmed this issue neither have they responded to the emails of the guys who reported this problem. The report also mentioned that this is most likely a software issue and Apple can fix it with a software update.

We are not sure how many people are actually having this issue. It looks like only a small number of users are facing this problem that’s why it wasn’t highlighted before. Even then, we hope that Apple fixes this issue soon.

Or maybe Gizmodo needs to highlight this issue too?

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  1. Hello there readers, I've notice and you can check it out yourself, that the pictures in the 3GS and iphone4 are the same ( it was taken by the camera or phone) they've just played with the contrast. On the other hand, pics in the 3G and canon 5D are different. Basically the bottom two were taken either by it's main source as it was stated or to just make headlines. If there's a real problem with discoloring on the camera, I'm sure apple would have mention it in there statement, thank you

  2. Blah blah blah, people keep b1tching about the signal, get your protective case and the signal issue will go away. I had mine since it came out and first thing I did was getting a protective case and no issue at all. This bunch haters are the one making a big deal.

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