Spain now supports digital COVID-19 certificates in iPhone’s Wallet app

With the availability of COVID-19 vaccination, travelers are required to produce their COVID-19 certificates at domestic and international airports, train and bus stations. The paper or plastic certificates can damage by everyday wear and tear. Therefore, countries are gradually adding support for digital COVID-19 certificates and Spain is another country that has allowed citizens to add their certificates in the iPhone’s Wallet app for travel.

Apple’s Wallet app enables users to add credit and debit, passes, Car keys, and other cards to their iPhone so can do have to carry bulky wallets with several physical cards. And in the iOS 14.5 beta code, it was found that the company will add support for a new financial health feature for the Wallet app.

COVID-19 certificate

Spain now accepts EU digital COVID-19 certificates for easy processing during travel

As per Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo Y Bienestar Social, travelers without EU digital COVID certificates will have to face slower processing and might be requested to quarantine.

To travel to members countries, EU citizens have to show digital COVID-19 certificates which their medical histories like the record of vaccination shots, recovery from the virus, or negative test in the past 48 to 72 hours. And now Spain supports digital COVID-19 certificates in the iPhone’s Wallet app.

Spanish citizens can easily request their EU COVID digital certificate by logging in to cvd.sanidad.gob and following the steps to receive the certificate via a text in Spanish or English. Next, the received certificate can be added to the iPhone’s Wallet app.

EU Digital COVID-19 certificate

Recently, Australia added support for digital COVID-19 vaccinations certificates in the Apple Wallet app. After receiving both shots,  Australia can add their certificates in their Wallet app on iPhones via the Medicare app.

In Fall, new updates are coming to the Wallet app with the release of iOS 15 update. Users will be able to add digital keys for hotels, homes, work, and identity cards in participating states in the United States. Apple is working with TSA to accept digital IDs at airports. And to ensure that only the owner of the ID cards adds them to their app, Apple is working on a selfie verification system.

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