Steve Jobs called Bloomberg report “total bull$#!t”

Just a few days a ago, a report by Bloomberg claimed that Apple senior engineer and antenna expert Ruben Caballero had expressed his concerns about the antenna design of iPhone 4 to Steve Jobs and other Apple authorities, long before its release, but they just ignored it. In Friday’s press conference, when Steve Jobs was asked about this report, he called it “total bull$#!t”:



You’re referencing the Bloomberg article, and it’s a total crock. We talked to everyone about it. We have a great community of scientists. They debate everything. And it’s healthy. The best ideas win. I’m sure in some corners of the antenna world that was debated hotly, but if anyone had said, look, this antenna has questions, we’re concerned, we would have dispatched the right people and looked at it.

So Steve Jobs totally denied that this report was true. He also asked them to give him any proof for their article. Steve Jobs also have admitted in the press conference that everybody can make a mistake. And this antenna issue is present in almost every smartphone including their previous iPhones.

Whether the article by Bloomberg was true or not, I am not sure if nobody would have raised any concerns about the antenna design in Apple. They may have debated about this design, but in the end this would have been their best choice among any other designs suggested. With their $100 million testing facility for iPhone, it’s hard to imagine how this issue wasn’t noticed.
[via AppleInsider]

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