Tesla rolls out native support for Apple Music via new holiday update

The electric automobile manufacturer, Tesla has released a new holiday update 2022.44.25 which includes support for Apple Music, finally. The company announced the roll-out of the latest update on Twitter and owners of different Tesla models confirmed the addition of Apple Music.

Previously, the infotainment ecosystem on Tesla vehicles supported music streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify, Slacker, and TuneIn. Audio streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Pandora were not natively supported and could only be used through workarounds.

Tesla offers Apple Music but without Dolby Atmos or Hi-Fi losses audio support

Earlier, a visitor at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles noticed the Apple Music app on the Tesla Model S Long Range’s built-in infotainment system on the exhibit. The icon was part of the main UI and featured a QR code to access the activate.apple.com link.

Now, the new update includes the same design and functionality for Apple Music support as per screenshots shared by an owner of Tesla Model 3 SR+, @James Locke on Twitter. The release notes read:

Stream over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists ad-free. Listen to your entire library, discover new music, and tune into live radio stations. To access Apple Music, tap the Apple Music icon in the Application Launcher, scan the QR code with your mobile device, and login with your Apple ID.

Note: A Premium Connectivity subscription is required to stream Apple Music over a cellular connection.

Tesla Apple Music

Judging from the consumers’ response to the update, it appears that Apple Music subscribers are happy with the update to be able to enjoy their favorite songs and playlists after seven years, Apple Music launched in June 2015.

However, it is highlighted that Apple Music has been released without Dolby Atmos or Hi-Fi Lossless audio support to deliver high-quality audio with a surround sound experience.

Now time will tell if the automobile manufacturer will release support for other popular Apple services in its vehicle like AirPlay, Carplay, and CarKey.

On a podcast Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen talked down Apple products and said that “there’s nothing to look forward to” when it comes to Apple products, and they are just “slight refinements on the same thing”. It appears that mindset might be changing.

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