Apple CEO Tim Cook sits down for a candid interview after iPad mini, iPhone 13 launch event

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with popular YouTuber Justine for a candid interview after the successful launch event of the new iPad mini 6, iPad 9, Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13 series, Apple Fitness+, and more. Mr.Cook talked about the new devices and how they will facilitate productivity, encourage a focus on health, improve videography and enhance users’ communication, creativity, and experiences.

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With LiDAR scanners on more devices, Tim Cook says he is the number 1 fan of AR technology

Starting the discussion with virtual events, Mr.Cook said it was exciting to invite a global audience into their “home” and it pulls back the curtain to give viewers a glimpse of its famous Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. As the theme of the September 14 event celebrated the soul of California culture,  he said that the places shown in the opening video of the event were all the places that inspired Apple’s team and they had hoped that they will inspire others too.

Coming to new devices, the highlight product of the event is the new 6th generation iPad mini. Tim Cook said the new features are the biggest upgrade to the compact table, its compact size and performance make its versatile device to be used in classes, hospitals, capture photos and videos, and more. And 5G network support makes it even more ‘incredible”.

The new camera systems on the iPhone 13 series bring a whole new video recording experience with the cinematic mode in iPhone 13 Pro and offer the best dual-camera system on an iPhone. Justine appreciated that Apple brought a new Pink color option.

Moving on to the smartwatch, Mr.Cook said he can’t imagine doing a workout without the Apple Watch because it motivates him. And Apple Fitness+ encourages users to focus on their health in their own personalized way and he does not have a favorite fitness workout but he is looking forward to new ‘meditation’ sessions.

tim Cook

Previously, Tim Cook has expressed that AR (augmented reality) technology has great potential and he reiterated the same in the 14 minutes interview with iJustine on YouTube. When asked how will the AR tech fit into people’s lives in the future, he said:

I am so excited about AR. I think AR is one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and went how did we live out lives without it. Right now, we you can experience it in thousands of way using your iPad and iPhone but of course, those will get better and better over time.

Already, its a great way to shop, its a great way to learn; it enhances the learning process. I can’t wait for it to be even more important in collaboration and so forth. I am AR fan number 1.

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