Best of Netflix: Top 5 hidden genres to find great content in

Netflix requires research and that is a common experience among Netflix subscribers who spend a good chunk of their time aimlessly scrolling through the app, looking for a movie or TV show to stream. The streaming service recommends categories, genres, and similar titles based on content watched by subscribers, previously. Hence, all content doesn’t not appear on the platform when specific genres and sub-genres are searched.


Luckily the platform has thousands of secret codes that can be used to unlock hidden content. There are several lists of codes available which will enable subscribers to search for specific genres on the service. Follow these easy steps to do so:

  1. Simply copy to your URL
  2. Paste the desired code at the end

We have listed down 5 genre specific codes for you to access hidden content.

Top 5 Hidden Genres on Netflix

The streaming service, possibly, has all sub-genres, ranging from Zombie Horror movies to Cult comedies. So, without further ado, let us get into the top 5 hidden genres that users can access by using URL codes.

Crime Documentaries: 9875

This sub-genre from Netflix is great for users like me who like to watch serial killer documentaries, criminal investigations, and conspiracy theories. The platform has a great collection of Crime Documentaries with titles like:

  • Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Limited Series): Filthy Rich is an American documentary about convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein. The documentary reveals details about the abuse, emotional scars, and manipulation suffered by youngsters who were a part of Epstein’s trafficking ring.

  • Making a Murderer: Making a murderer is about Steven Avery, who is wrongfully convicted twice for crimes he did not commit, including a murder charge.

  • I am a Killer: I am a killer features unprecedented footage from prisons across the globe and gives an insight into the life of prisoners on death row.

Sci-fi Thrillers: 11014

Even though Sci-fi is a very broad category on Netflix including time travel, aliens, space, and more, it has specific subgenres available for viewers. With hundreds of Thriller movies for streaming, Netflix has a collection of great titles for Sci-fi and thrill lovers. The top Sci-fi thrillers on Netflix include:

  • Birdbox: A psychological-thriller with a theme set in the post-apocalyptic world. It features mythical creatures that can take the shape of any man’s worst fear, provoking him/her to commit suicide. The only option for survival is to not open your eyes.

  • Mirage: The movie is set in an electrical-storm in 1989 which allows Vera to glitch 25 years into the past, and ultimately, change her present.

  • Mute: A mute bartender searches for his missing girlfriend and dives deeper into the city’s underworld criminal ring.

  • Tau: A woman is trapped in a fatal experiment ring and her only hope for escape is by hacking an advanced AI assistant named Tau.

  • See You Yesterday: Two science prodigies make a time-traveling machine and put it to test after one of their older brothers is killed.

Feel-good Comedies: 943

Real-life and current affairs can really pin you down sometimes. Netflix is an antidote for users to take a break from their lives and stream feel-good content. Here are some of the best feel-good titles you can stream on Netflix:

  • Matilda: Matilda is a girl with telekinetic powers, who uses them to get back at her evil principal.

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: After 5 love-letters from Lara Jean get accidentally posted to her love interests, she finds herself in an awkward position after 5 boys confront Lara about her feelings.

  • La La Land: La La Land is a romantic musical movie about two people who meet and fall in love while pursuing their dreams in the city of Los Angeles.

  • Eat Pray Love: The movie features a story about rediscovering oneself by using travellng as a therapy, and embarking on adventures across the globe.

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  A high school student fakes being sick to stay at home with his group of friends and enjoys the day off.

Zombies: 3719

The fascination for Zombie movies began after the premiere of shows and movies like The Walking Dead and World War Z, and to this day, users are looking for more titles to stream in this genre. It is another well-hidden subgenre on the platform and there are several post-apocalyptic movies on Netflix that feature Zombies or zombie-like creatures. Here are some titles that can be streamed:

  • The Ravenous: A typical Survivors vs Zombies movie set in the rural outskirts of Quebec.

  • Train to Busan: A train journey turned into a nightmare for Seok-woo and his daughter after a woman on the train turns into a Zombie.

  • Here Alone: The movie revolves around a woman’s efforts to save herself from a Zombie apocalypse and clinging onto her memories of happier times in her life.

  • World War Z: A former UN employee investigates a threatening virus that turns human beings into Zombies. However, he does not have much time.

Spy Action and Adventure: 10702

The app has a great collection of Spy movies to browse from. However,  all the 007 movies are yet to hit the Netflix screens, and we hope it happens soon for MI6 fans, but some titles from the James Bond series are also available on Netflix. Until Daniel Craig’s No time to Die comes out, here are some titles that fans of Spy genre can binge:

  • The Foreigner: The movie features Jackie Chan taking revenge after his daughter is killed by terrorists.

  • GoldenEye: 007 travels to Russia to locate a nuclear weapon that is stolen by a former MI6 agent.

  • Tomorrow Never Dies: 007 takes on media mogul Carver, who wants to provoke WWIII to boost ratings and sales.

  • The World is not Enough: Amidst 007’s efforts to protect the daughter of an oil tycoon, he uncovers an even more dangerous plot.

These are only some of the hidden genres on Netflix. You can find a full list of hidden genres here.

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