Twitter, Uber and others provide 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro to their engineers and programmers

Last month, Apple launched 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models powered by advanced M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Because of the high-performance and incredible battery life of the new chips, companies like Twitter, Uber, and Shopify are upgrading their engineers and programmers with top-notch 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro models. It is expected that the shift from Intel-based MacBook Pro to Apple Silicon MacBook Pro models will save time while delivering high-quality performance. 

M1 Pro M1 Max MacBook Pro display

In 2020, Apple introduced the first-generation custom-built silicon the M1 chip which offers great performance with great power efficiency. Now, the new chips are even faster and energy-efficient than the already powerful M1 chip, with 10 core CPU, up to 32 core GPU, up to 64GB of unified memory, ProRes support, and more. The CPU performance of the M1 Pro chip is 2x faster than the M1 chip and the M1 Max chip is 4x faster than M1 which makes the highest-tier 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro an extremely powerful machine. 

M1 Max MacBook Pro is chosen machine for companies that value engineers time 

Uber’s senior employee @Mahyar McDonald shared that old, as well as new iOS engineers, are getting upgraded to the fast 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro. 

To that @Kenneth Rose from OpsLevelHQ added that his company is doing the same. 

Twitter’s senior employee @John Szumski also announced that all iOS and Android engineers at the company are getting “fully loaded” 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro model because of the machine’s “top line” performance and better management of thermal throttling issue. 

In a detailed post on Linkedin, engineer @Gergely Orosz shared that Uber and Shopify have immediately made the switch and Shopify is even letting employees keep their older Intel-based models. He explained that companies which value their engineers’ time will opt for a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro which is cut down the wait time on a build. 

“Why and how are they doing it? The scoop: They obsess about developer productivity, and the M1 is such a big, measurable step-up that it’s an instant buy. Not just for them, but any other company who cares about engineers similar to how they do,” Orosz wrote.

“How much time would a $4,000, top-of-the market machine like the M1 shave off from each build? How much total time over 2 years? How much ‘value’ does this time mean per engineer?” He wrote. “With the M1, the answer is a no-brainier.

If you can have engineers wait on their machine less, it’s worth every dollar to do so, considering how much cheaper hardware is than an engineer’s time. It’s why these companies are switching.”

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