Updated Firefox 4.0 UI concept screenshots

Fx-4.0-Mockup-Win7-i03-AppButton-ToT-490x115 Stephen Horlander, Product Visual Designer at Mozilla has posted some updated UI concepts for the upcoming Firefox 4.0 on his blog. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen concept screenshots from Mozilla for Firefox 4.0. They’ve been working hard on redesigning the UI, ever since Google Chrome changed the game for browsers. A hint of this can also be seen in Opera 10.50 leaked build which features a complete redesign and integration of Windows 7 Aero features.

The updated UI for Firefox 4.0 contains a new App Button similar to the file menu drop down button in the Paint and WordPad apps in Windows 7 or in Office. This will replace the file menu. Navigation buttons have a slight shade on them and look glossy. The other changes that were seen in the older Firefox 4.0 mockups as well are the inclusion of glass and tabs above the address bar.

This is how Firefox 4.0 would look like compared to Firefox 3.5. Big difference, eh?


Currently, Firefox has the ugliest UI of all browsers. I’m a Firefox user myself, but can’t wait for version 4, when it’ll be able to compete with other browsers in the looks department.

[via GeekSmack]

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