WatchOS 1.0.1 Has Messed Up Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings

With WatchOS 1.0.1, Apple Watch heart rate monitor is not functioning as it used to. Readings are either delayed and not taken every 10 minutes or when they are, they are duplicated so you might see 4 readings at one time in the Heatlh app. This is a new bug introduced with the operating system update for Apple’s smartwatch and is being reported all over the Internet by users.

WatchOS 1 0 1 Has Messed Up Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings 1

The issue has been constantly highlighted on the Apple Watch subreddit as well as on MacRumors forum so it does not seem to be a one off issue with selected models only. In ideal scenario, the heart rate monitor takes a reading every 10 minutes, without the need of any user interaction. After the WatchOS 1.0.1 update, there is no pattern in the readings and they are taken at random intervals. Some people think that this might be an adjustment to the Watch to save battery life but this is unlikely. Apple’s Watch heart rate reading support page still shows 10 minutes intervals as the feature.

Here is how the heart rate is currently being measured, after WatchOS 1.0.1:

WatchOS 1 0 1 Has Messed Up Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings

Apple would be rolling out a fix for this very soon as this is one of the best features of Apple Watch. Even though it is not currently working as it should, the readings are still accurate.

You can still manually take readings when you feel like, by going to the heart rate monitoring glance on your Apple Watch and tapping the heart button.

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