WhatsApp gets new features like dark mode, animated stickers, QR code and more

WhatsApp team has announced that the app will be getting new features and improvements in an upcoming update. Users will be able to apply a dark theme, send fun stickers, quickly add new contacts via scan code, have better group call experience and more.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform for users worldwide. As it is not restricted by a specific operating system, iOS and Android, the app is users choice for text, audio and video conversations with end-to-end encryption over a WiFi connection or cellular data. The app’s team confirms that over 2 billion people from around the globe use WhatsApp to communicate.


New WhatsApp Features

The blog post describers the concept behind the new changes as:

“While our focus remains on providing a simple, reliable and private way for people to chat with friends and family – we also continue to push forward our product design to make sure WhatsApp remains the most useful way for anyone, anywhere to connect”.

We have listed down all the new features and improvements coming to WhatsApp to enhance users experience on the app.

Dark Mode

The dark theme is coming to the web and desktop version of the app. Dark mode is a popular and much requested background by users for it is easy on the easy and saves battery life.


Animated Stickers

A bundle of new animated stickers will be available on the app to make conversation even more expressive and fun. Running strawberry to ‘show on my way status’, character tapping on the watch to mention time, a group of caricatures and more entertaining stickers will be added.


QR codes

Now users will be able to quickly add new contacts by simply scanning their QR codes. The new QR codes will automatically add the new contact’s number and name to users

Group Video Call Improvements

There are two improvements made to group calling experience on the app. First, the participants of a group will be able to maximize anyone’s tile by ‘press and hold’ on it.


Second, a video icon is added to the text group chats of up to 8 participants so that a video call can be easily and quickly initiated. Recently, the limit of participants of a group call was extended to up to 8 people.

Status Feature to KaiOS

WhatsApp users on devices running on KaiOS will be able to put up Instagram Stories like Status on the app. The feature is already available on iOS and Android devices. You can learn more about KaiOS and its supporting devices here.

The new features will be released in over the next few weeks worldwide.

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