Status updates for Whatsapp Web currently under development

Meta-owned WhatsApp is set to improve the user experience with two exciting updates for WhatsApp Web. The latest beta version, 2.2353.59, introduces the ability to share status updates directly from the web interface. Additionally, the platform is expanding its Companion Mode, allowing users to post status updates from linked devices.

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Since the introduction of status updates in 2020, WhatsApp has continually evolved its features to align with user preferences. Until now, status updates were limited to the primary Android phone or iPhone, disrupting the workflow for users accessing WhatsApp Web. The latest beta version aims to eliminate this limitation, allowing users on the web to post status updates seamlessly.

Companion Mode for WhatsApp Web expands support for linked devices

While the current stable version of WhatsApp Web features dedicated tabs for chats, Communities, Channels, and status updates, the beta version 2.2353.59 now allows users to post new status updates using the web GUI. This feature eliminates the need to transfer media files to the primary smartphone before sharing, enhancing the overall convenience for users.

With the dedicated “Status” tab located at the top-left corner of the interface, users can now upload photos, videos, or text captions directly from their computers. This aligns with WhatsApp’s broader initiative of “Companion Mode,” offering a more unified and convenient user experience across linked devices.

WhatsApp Web

Previously confined to mobile apps, the ability to post status updates on the web brings increased convenience, enhanced productivity, and greater content creation flexibility.

In addition to this, WhatsApp’s Companion Mode, initially designed for WhatsApp Web, now extends its support for status update sharing to linked devices. Users who have signed up for beta versions of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for Android can already test this feature on their secondary devices. This includes the ability to add a status update directly from the companion device, providing a seamless and versatile experience.

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