Find Out Which iOS 4 Features Work On iPhone 3G

Most of you would have upgraded to iOS 4 on iPhone 3G to find out that most of the shiny stuff just doesn’t work. Disappointed, right? While Apple hasn’t provided a clear outline of what doesn’t work on the iPhone 3G, it’s still a worthy update just because of folders, threaded email, iTunes playlists, and iBooks. The folks over at Engadget have tested iOS 4 on iPhone 3G, and they’ve prepared an interesting list of what works and what doesn’t on the device.

iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

Here’s the complete list:

What works

  • Folders work fine on iPhone 3G. They just open and close a bit slower.
  • Threaded mail works perfectly.
  • iTunes playlist creation and editing works in the iPod app.
  • 5x digital zoom works but seriously, who wants to use this on any device? It just blurs your image even more.
  • iBooks work fine. Books and PDFs both confirmed to be working.
  • Photos updates. If you sync using iPhoto, you sort your photos by albums, events, faces and places
  • Game center works well.
  • Spell check also seems to be updated.

What doesn’t work

  • Multitasking simply isn’t there. Double-tapping the home button doesn’t give you the app switching tray. Blame it on the slow processor or lack of RAM or just on Apple, it wouldn’t work. Unless, you wait for a jailbreak tweak to enable it. ;)
  • Screen rotation lock is non-existant. Hey Apple! At least this should have been there.
  • Home screen wallpaper is still black and you can’t change it. The dock got a visual upgrade though.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard support isn’t there on iPhone 3G.
  • Spotlight. iPhone 3GS can search the web and Wikipedia from the homescreen but the iPhone 3G can’t. Yep.

If you really, really want to have multitasking and home screen background wallpapers, we suggest that you take a look at our guide on how to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3G with iOS 4. This would let you enjoy all features such as multitasking, battery percentage and home screen wallpapers on your iPhone 3G with iOS 4. Be warned, though, your phone would become slower than ever.


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  1. they're a bunch of utter fuckers!
    i dont really mind because im getting an iphone 4 next week, but the fact they missed out home screen wallpapers and the fact i cant even get battery percentage is an utter joke!
    really quite disgusting of them.

  2. yeah sometimes apple can really piss off their customers. the battery percentage still enrages me. fuck 3gs lol. i really wanted the spotlight feature ㅡㅡ . though its good that know you can turn off your cellular network. :D

  3. those chincy bastards. like it is really that difficult to make the wallpaper compatible for the 3g. I will never buy an iphone again.

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