Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4 on iPhone 3G using redsn0w [Guide]

iOS 4 was released earlier today and the iPhone Dev Team was quick enough to release an ultrasn0w unlock for it. Thanks to the unlock, and the recently released redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5, you can install, jailbreak and unlock iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly.

Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4 on iPhone 3G using redsn0w [Guide]

Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4

  1. Download iOS 4 for your iPhone 3G. Place it on your desktop for easy access.
  2. Download redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4 [links at the end]. It’s available for both Mac and Windows.
  3. Download and install iTunes 9.2
  4. Now connect your iPhone 3G to your computer and using iTunes, upgrade to iOS 4. Do this the official way as described here.
  5. Now that you have iOS 4 final build on your iPhone 3G, you’ll have to jailbreak it by using the iOS 4 with redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5. Click browse and point it to iOS 4 firmware and follow the instructions on the screen. Remember to enable battery percentage, wallpapers and multitasking. [Vista users might need to run redsn0w as administrator]Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4 on iPhone 3G using redsn0w [Guide]
  6. Once you’re done and the iPhone reboots, you should have a jailbroken iPhone 3G.
  7. Now go to Cydia and add the following repo http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com. Check here for how to do this. Search for ultrasn0w 0.9.3 and install it and reboot again. Your iPhone 3G is now carrier unlocked. Also remember to add this repo to Cydia http://apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7.

Download redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4

  • Mac OSX (x86)
  • Windows

To fix and enable Push Notifications on your hacktivated/unlocked iPhone, follow this guide.

UPDATE: the guide has been updated to reflect the recent release of redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5-4 which fixes the iBooks issue that users were reporting.

If you face any issues, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. We’ll be glad to help!

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    1. I have an iPhone 3G on 3.1.2 jailbroken and unlocked for T-Mobile. I shouldn’t be updating to 4.0 and doing this procedure on my iPhone yet?

        1. what about push notifications? that still is an issue with some people. Currently, they work perfectly on my jailbroken/unlocked iphone 3g 3.1.2 right now. are your push notifications working properly?

  1. You shouldn't be stuck at the no sim screen after jailbreak. You should be
    able to use Cydia and download ultrasn0w to unlock it.
    I've got it working fine for me.

  2. Redsn0w appeared to run it's course but i'm still stuck at the no sim screen. I'll try and re-JB. Thanks.

  3. hey just tried to run redsn0w 0.9.5 but it says 'unable to recognise IPSW' i have updated to os 4.0? any ideas?

  4. You need to make sure you have the right build. For 3GS the build is iPhone2 at the start of the file name, for 3G it's Iphone1 at the start of the filename.

  5. Just re-JB and still stuck at the no sim screen. I don't believe it has hacktivation capability yet, maybe i'm not getting something here.

  6. once i have downloaded os4gm, as i have already updated to os4 final can i just use the os4gm for redsn0w or do i have to install os4gm over the final version i have?

  7. Imran how did you get it past the no sim screen? Do you have a dev UDID or an activated ATT sim card?

  8. it jailbroke fine but i cant get to the main screen, it keeps saying slide for emergency. i dont have an AT&T sim, do i need one?

  9. I'm stuck with this issue as well… Trying to figure out what the deal is. Are you using 3GS?

  10. Could you clarify if you're using a GM build or the consumer build released today with redsnow? between your comments and your guide, it's not clear what's the right way to do this.
    – you say to install ios4 using the method mentioned in another post, which is to just let the device updated in itunes. this would be the consumer release.
    – however in your comments, you're saying that redsnow will not recognize the consumer release cause you need to be using the GM build for it to work.


  11. I just wanted to make sure before I actually commited to doing this, I currently have a iphone 3g locked with 3.1.3 firmware with the 5.12 baseband. Can this unlock and jailbreak work for me? (I use Tmobile)

  12. Does this also apply to already jailbroken iPhone 3G 3.1.2? I had used blackra1n to jailbreak it earlier.

  13. What I meant was that my iPhone (version 3.1.2) is currently unlocked using blackra1n. Can I follow the above procedure and upgrade to iOS4? Will it delete the cracked ipa's that I have already installed?

  14. Yes, you can upgrade it. It might erase everything so it'll be better to back up your data using iTunes first. You can restore the apps to your iPhone again after upgrading to OS 4 and jailbreaking it.

    1. HI Imran I am a bit new to the whole jailbreak and unlock, could you just confirm that if I use this method I can jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 3G to iOS4 and use it on any network?

      Thanks for you time


  15. worked great. thanks a lot. couldn't believe how easy it really was. now that i have a jailbreak iphone can i still manage through itunes as far as backing up and installing apps and such?

  16. Getting ready to do this to my iPhone 3GS. Are you sure I can jail break it, then Unlock it to use with TMobile?

    1. Hi there Imran, could you help me unlock iPhone 3gs if i upgrade it to iOS 4 without jailbreaking it?thanks…

  17. Hi Imran.. How do I download the iOS 4 and place it on the DESKTOP as you mentioned. Is there a link to download it (other than that in the iTunes)?

  18. I have the iPhone 3G on 3.1.2 unlocked for T-Mobile. As long as I follow these directions I will have an unlocked 3G on OS4? If so that's amazing! Can't wait to do this!

  19. Also I would like to know whether I should use it or not because my iPhone 3G is already unlocked/jailbroken.. I don't know which software was used for this but I can tell u that in my phone I have Blackrain (however u spell it), Cydia, and Rock.

  20. did as u said, however, cydia won't open because my wi-fi is “greyed” out…how do i fix this

  21. I have a Iphone 3g, which was locked with 3.1.3.
    I followed the steps as mentioned, now I am stuck with a black screen at jail breaking saying “waiting for reboot”

    Please advise.

  22. Hi, I've done the steps above but I get the following message from redsn0w: unable to recognize specified IPSW.

    How can i resolve this problem? Thx

  23. it worked great. Iphone 3G 3.1.3 BB 5.12.01 to 5.13. something.
    Thx for the guide Imran and thx to the fantastic devteam!

  24. Okay, i have iPhone 3G and it is jailbroken (3.0.1). Now, do i need to upgrade my iphone in iTunes to original (not jailbroken) iOS4 the do all the steps above? I just read this sentence in your given link “Once again, do not upgrade if you use an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS until there’s a solution available. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”. What to do first?

    1. I’ve downloaded iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293 and that’s where I am pointing redsn0w. But I still get the same message and can not figure out what’s the problem? Any other ideas?

    2. P.S. I have an iPhone 3gs and downloaded the iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore but despite get the same message: Unable to recognise specified IPSW

  25. Hey, i have jailbroken iPhone 3G, is it safe to update it in iTunes and then jailbreak with redsn0w?

  26. I did the first four steps. I'm not a techy kind of person so I don't completely understand step 5. I opened the application. Now what am I supposed to do?

  27. Open the app, click browse. Browse to the iOS 4 file u downloaded and select it. Let redsn0w do its work. Then click next. It'll ask you to turn off your iPhone and connect it to the computer. If it turns on again, turn it off while connected. Then follow the instructions on the screen, which go like holding the power button for 3 seconds, then without leaving the power button, hold the home button for 10 seconds. Then leave the power button, and keep the home button pressed until the app starts jailbreaking.

  28. lol i read this message a little late and im restoring my phone and going to do the whole proccess again

  29. I just jailbroke my iphone and its always getting stuck on downloading packages in cydia. what should i do?

  30. I have some problems here. I updated my iphone to iOS4 (at least i think I did, the wallpaper behind emergency calls is like in iOS4), but iTunes says “The SIM card inserted in this phone does not appear to be supported” . I dont have the supported SIM card, is that a problem? or i can just run RedSn0w and jailbreak it without changing the SIM?

  31. I tried adding the repo you listed…and i'm on the screen that is black that says “updating sources” with “downloading packages” on the bottom with a progress bar on the bottom. The progress bar is completely blue which would mean it's done….except the phone seems to be stuck downloading packages?

  32. You wrote: “Now that you have iOS 4 final build on your iPhone 3G, you’ll have to jailbreak it by using the iOS 4 with redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta
    5. Click browse and point it to iOS 4 firmware and follow the instructions on screen.”

    Do you mean point it at the final firmware? If so, why ” Download iOS 4 for your iPhone 3G. Place it on your desktop for easy access.”

    Also, how do you point it at the final firmware since the firmware is downloaded into itunes and not the desktop.

  33. it worked great. Iphone 3G 3.1.3 BB 5.12.01 to 5.13. something.
    Thx for the guide Imran and thx to the fantastic devteam!

  34. well i started doing it all, only to find out that my iphone is a factory unlocked one, which means i dont need to do the jail break or new unlock…probably would never have found that out if I hadnt found this guide…so thanks!

  35. man you guys are the bomb thankyou very easy jailbreak and network unlock had a few hicups with cydia but just closed it and restarted it and all is fine now awsome

  36. first time jailbreaking/unlocking. i followed the steps (although i fumbled a bit to put the iphone in DFu mode)
    the app is stuck at the “uploading ramdisk” status & with 1 progress bar for ~ 20mins.
    on the iphone the “downloading jailbreak data” with the image just disappeared.
    is this normal?

  37. Thanks so much for this Imran it worked amazing you are very good at detailing the steps. I have added push notifications, and all your other suggestions.

  38. Im kind of new to this, need a little help. If i just want the extra features like the wallpaper and multitasking, do i have to do the ultrasnow? and i don't understand the cydia part. thanks!

  39. I'm only putting this here because it won't let me post a comment. Ok so I'm using an iPhone 3G that i updated to 4.0 through iTunes. I downloaded the newest beta of redsnOw and iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore. When I try to run redsnOw it says “Unable to Recognize specified IPSW”. I've read every comment on this page and I don't get why it's not working. Help?

  40. Yeah, I used both of the links from the page. I had no problem getting iOS4 on it from iTunes and redsnOw didn't work so being desperate to get it fixed I did Shift+Restore through iTunes and used the final build I downloaded from your link in hopes redsnOw would recognize it then and it still didn't work. Any more ideas?

  41. I can't connect my Cydia to internet. It says “Unable to load (The Internet connection appears to be offline.)”. I'm conected via WiFi since I'm trying to unlock the phone.

  42. Thanks! This worked great for me. Moved to Argentina this year, but had already done the 3.1.3 upgrade. Been waiting until now to be able to use my iPhone on a local carrier.

  43. Hey just wondering if screen lock is included in this jailbreak, very important as its probably the main reason why id jail break my iphone 3G

  44. Thank you very much. Everything works just like described, i followed all the steps above and it is great! Only, iBooks seems not to be working at all. Hope for a fix soon :D

  45. Hey, I do as RS says but after reboot and while saying “Uploading ramdisk” it just stays freeze, some time after 3 lines and others almost at the end, tried few times, what's wrong? or should I just wait? it seems to take for ever.

  46. I have completely jailbroken and unlocked my iphone 3g. 1 problem so far…

    I can not get the Cellular Data Network settings tap to come up.

    Settings>General>Network>(No tap)

    I do have the ability to turn CD on and off… as well as data roaming.

    any help?

  47. it doesn't work for me!! i follow the steps and i still get the connection screen after redsnow is done

  48. same here! i keep getting “Did not Find Repository” when i add the 'repo666.ultrasn(zero)w.com' link in my sources…i live in UAE, so does it have something to do with the site being blocked here?

  49. I just wanted to thank you for the great walkthrough and the links to everything that was needed. You made it so easy that anyone could do jailbreak their 3G. Keep up the good work.

  50. I have a 3g phone was unlocked to from rogers to bell. I undated to 4…now stuck on connect to itunes…says bell card is not compatible. Any suggestions

  51. I freaking Love You! My first Jailbreak ever and it went off without a hitch (Okay that power button holding activity was a bit difficult to get right, but it worked in the end). Awesome! I went from 3.1.2 on a 3G and I'm on T-mobile without any issues (accept that “0” in ultrasn0w is actually a “0” the number, not the letter: who knew!) Thanks a million!

  52. Help! I've followed the directions. When I browse for the iOS 4 on my desktop, I select it, but then the redsn0w says “Unable to recognize specified IPSW.” What's going on???

  53. so everytime i install ultrasnow and reboots, the sim card still says locked sim? is anyone else having this problem as well?

  54. Works great after a few frustrating attempts.

    Use Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-3 NOT -0.9.5b5-2!
    Download final iOS 4.0 using Firefox NOT internet explorer! (IE will not allow you to see the file as IPSW.
    When holding the home button, continue holding it all the way through uploading Ramdisk. If i let it go on the prescribed time, ramdisk stopped uploading.

    Cydia works after a reload
    MyWi and My3G works
    Lockinfo works
    Rock works

    Still working on PDAnet and Cycorder and Intelliscreen

  55. I keep trying to restore and update the phone with the OS4 but it keeps giving me error 1604 and error 2003… PLEASE HELP!!!

  56. I have a jailbroken 3gs. i upgraded my Os to iOS 4 using iTunes and then tried using redsn0w 9.5 but it gets stuck in the last stage of rebooting. later i realised that 9.5 is for 3g n not 3gs. Please help me out in jailbreaking my fone. Its stuck :(

  57. multitasking is not working for me…the lowest row moves up but i don't see any icons of the still open applications..please help

  58. so, Imran. you have your RedSnow link broken. is it still possible to do the jailbreak? i mean is Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4 is gonna work? i have my iphone 3g factory unlocked so, what to do with the ultrasnow thing? help please. thanks a lot!

    1. hi there imran…i pretty need some help…i would like to update my 3gs to iOS 4…what do you mean by factory unlocked coz i bought mine already unloacked…im just scared maybe it might get locked if i update it…thanks for the help!!!

      1. factory unlocked means that the iPhone will work with any carrier without the need of jailbreaking or unlocking. Do you know if your iPhone is jailbroken/unlocked?

  59. so, i'm supposed to use Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4? after step 6, what should i do? should i restore my iphone 3g before i jailbreak it? thanks man.

  60. I have a jailbroken 3G 3.1.2 How do I upgrade to os4? Do I follow the same steps as above?

  61. cool. you're really helpful. and some more questions. after i update to iOS 4 from iTunes, should i restore it? because some sources said so. And is it gonna succeed? 100%? i am surely gonna get multitasking, wallpapers and cydia. what about battery percentage?

  62. I did the whole process and it worked perfectly and I now have an unlocked and jailbroken iphone 3g working with tmobile. My only issue is that the battery runs out VERY fast. I took it off the charge when it was at 100% and was just chatting on facebook for about 10 to 15 mins and my battery had already gone down to 51%. I don't know what I should do.

  63. Hey guys, if you had problem like I did, just run redsn0w in compatibility mode for XP(in windows 7) then every thing works fine.
    JBed and unlocked.
    Thanks for guide.

  64. Hey Imran, Thanks for the guide. I just have a couple of questions. After installing iOS 4 successfully on my iPhone 3G, when I restored all the apps back to the phone, the apps that I downloaded from outside the iTunes i.e. the cracked apps from appscene.org etc. don't transfer to my iPhone now. can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

  65. hello dear
    how are you
    i have 3g 16gb 3.2.1
    with modem fram 4
    locked …
    i was jailbreak it and unlock network he come factory not sim-free
    can i update to ios4
    please mail me if you can : samitouri@msn.com

  66. i stuffed up as well and now my 3gs is stuck on new 4.o firmware from itunes i hope they jail break it soon !!!

  67. I did the whole thing over again (restore, jailbreak, and unlock) and it resulted in the same thing, the batter goes from 100% to 0 % within 20 mins … PLEASE HELP!!!

  68. hey Imran. I got my 3g jailbroke. everything works fine. but i dont see where to enable the battery percentage. help please. thanks

      1. no. mms is totally disabled. i got my iphone restored to iOS4 without jb and MMS works fine until i back up my data. and actually even you didnt jb it, you still have mms issue unless you set your iphone as a new phone and don’t back it up. that really sucks. i hope dev team will find the solution soon and i’ll jailbreak it again to have wallpapers, battery percentage and multitasking + working iBooks and MMS without any more bugs.

  69. hey Imran. what happened to the MMS? why i can no longer attach photo in messaging? help please. thanks

  70. my iphone is blank after unknowingly upgrade ios4 to my unlocked iphone. Anyway to get it back to work?

  71. Thanks for the easy to follow guide Imran. I did as described by you and I sucessfully JB & Unlocked by redsn0w and ultrasnow my 3G set. I am on ios4 now thanks to your guide. I have an issue by the way ” I can make calls and I can receive calls , my wi-fi works fine but the only thing not working is my Edge ( E ) connection for which i cant send / receive email nor can i surf the web , basically my GPRS connection does not work. My ” Cellular Data is ON in my network settings and also the ” E ” is displayed near my service provider ( India Airtel ) and signal bar area. I tried doing Reset Network settings a couple of times + Airplane mode on and off a couple of times+ Cellular Data On and Off a couple of times …..but still my GPRS / EDGE is not working. Pls Help. I am 100% sure that this is not a network issue as the same SIM Card works perfectly well on my Nokia E61i.

    1. I have the same problem… I have the iphone 3G and updated to 4.0 JB and unlocked but now my internet don’t work. Everything is working, I can make/receive calls, texts but can’t access my e-mail or cydia or app store with my carriers data service.

  72. After unlocking my 3G phone can't find GSM operator, all other work exectly. Please help me to enable GSM

  73. Imran any word on a fix for the mms? everything else works great! thanks for all your hard work!

  74. Sounds like you need to unlock (redsnow only jailbreaks). Connect to wifi, then use Cydia to add repo666.ultrasn0w.com (the “0” in snow is actually a zero), then download Ultrasn0w and install it. Your iphone will reboot and should now be unlocked, and your signal should come back in.

  75. hellow imran bhai,

    my iphone was on 3.1.3 with 5.12.01 firware and its locked, and then i upgrade my i phone with 4Os, so can u help me how can i jailbreak and unlock and active my apple i phone, right now i am india and using vodafone network so please help me as soon as possible. my mail id is : taherul.111@gmail.com

  76. Imran,

    I had my 3Gs jailbroken and I'm assuming my gf who thought she was being sweet, hit update iPhone on my iTunes. So now I have 4.0 and it is no longer jailbroken. Because of that, my 3G internet does not work and my MMS is none existant. What can I do to restore this? I contacted AT&T(didn't mention it was previously jailbroken) and they have no idea what to do. Is there anyway that I can downgrade to 3Gs 3.1.3 7318 or am I stuck until I either have enough $$ for the new one?

  77. I cannot open the Redsnow zip, my computer says, “Compressed folder…is invalid.” I'm running Vista (I believe as administrator). Any ideas?

  78. I have this same issue with US Tmobile. None of the situations above helped me either, and restoring and jailbreaking again didn't work either. Any help appreciated.

  79. Hmm unlocked via redsnow, but cant get any cellphone signal at all! iphone 3g on ios 4.0. Can anyone help?

  80. hey! i've got the same problem but with a provider in the netherlands. have you find any sollutions??

  81. i am using i phone 3gs, .. so what should i have to now for jailbreak and unlock and active for apple iphone 4os … please help me .. i cant use my apple i phone since last 4 months.

  82. you had the same issue … but did you unlock it in a different manner before sn0wbreeze ? because … gprs doesnt work for me too …

  83. RAHIM, remember you have to install appsync in order to be able to install cracked apps. add the repo http://cydia.hackulo.us to cydia and get it from there. Then it should let you install everything.

    I'm getting the same 3G problem. Everything works like wonders except for that. I can't get access to the internet via cellular data. I did the following with my iphone 3g 8gb
    -Restored with original IOS4
    -Jailbroke with redsnow 0.95
    -Unlocked with ultrasnow 0.93

    Everything works except for 3G or edge connection. Any clue?

    1. This happened to me as well. I have re-restored to ios4 and re-jailbroke, but still no cellular data. I have tried manually uploading my carrier settings but all that will do is allow my visual voicemail.

  84. HELP!!!! I followed all the directions and I unlocked and jailbroke my iphone 3g with the iOS4 but my battery keeps dying at an extremely fast rate. I restored the iphone and did the whole process again and again and ALL 3 times it resulted in the same result with the battery going from 100% to 0% within about 20 mins of talking on the phone. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!

  85. ive got ios4 installed on my 3g but step 5, when i browse i cant find the file to open with in redsn0w, any help?

  86. imran,

    can i use any application for jailbreak my apple i phone 3gs 4os, with my windows 7, pwnangtool is for MAC os but i have windows 7 .. so can u help me please

  87. Hello Imran,

    great guide my friend, however (isn't there always one of these or a but?) redsn0w just refuses to regonsie the ISPW. I've tried everything, downloaded the latest files etc, it just doesn't work. I have the latest iTunes, am on 4.0 firmware (baseband 05.23.04) used the 4.0 pwnage tool, rebuilt got the redsn0w and then nothing.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks.

  88. There are many possibilities.
    Wrong firmware.
    Corrupt download.
    Did you know the GM build and final iOS 4 build have the same names? You could check if you mistakingly downloaded the GM build.
    Pwnagetool has been updated to 4.0.1 as well as redsn0w got an update. Did you try the latest versions?

  89. i already tried with snowbreez 1.6.1 but there is no unlocker for 3gs 4os ..

    there is a massage : Unfrnatly, We were unable to get permission from MuscleNerd, to include ultrasnOw in snOwbreeze. The reason is, it would be hard to maintain updates. if you really need to install it offline, then go to custom Apps, and refresh the http://repo666.ultrasnOw.com tab. then select ultrasnOw.

    so is there any posiblity to unlock my iphone 3gs with 4os .. can i use my i phone .. i am india right now and using vodafone sim card.

  90. well, follow that guide. and when sn0wbreeze asks you if you want to activate the pone do that.
    This will make sure that you don't get the no sim messge and you'll be able to use the iPhone without a network. Then using wifi, fire up Cydia and add that repo. install ultrasn0w from it and restart your iPhone. It will work then.

  91. I did this process without any problems. I got a bit scared when I re-opened iTunes after the process, and without asking it started “Restoring Iphone” – but it means the apps, mail and sms settings and stuff, not restoring to the ISPW that it created during the first part of the process.

    PS on my phone I did not get the white icon for Cydia, although it did 'reorganize' itself and this took a while. Great work!

    So thanks very much, amidst the plethora of guides on how to do this, im glad I found a good concide flawless guide to JB + UL my iphone 3G when upgrading to iOS4. Well done guys.

  92. Hey Imran great guide. Everything works -the mms and thether. Can you confirm those are issues ?

    Also note I did jailbreak twice today the first time I noticed MMS was screwed up, so I download APN after APN. The only thing that did was break Visual Voice Mail, Internet and everything else. So just a note that if you Jailbreak and the only things not working are MMS and the tethering is not visible you are doing good. Screwing with the APN can make things worse.

  93. hey imran,

    the jailbreaking and unlocking process worked great. Had no problem doing that. But i got a problem using the unlocked iphone. When i put in my sim card, it says “searching” forever then changes to “no service”. Got any advice??

  94. bummer.. cant even open the downloaded redsnow. says “you cannot open the application redsnow because it is not supported on this system.” HELP

  95. Steve, I don't use MMS myself ( I rely on a facebook, email and
    twitter to share media ) but a lot of people have sent in the MMS
    issue reports. I use MyWi for internet tethering but the app is
    getting an update to work with iOS 4. But since people are reporting
    these issues, they must exist.

  96. US AT&T, I have seen other reports of people of people on other carriers need the APN. So my notes above are just with US AT&T.

  97. If you were in Airplane mode before the upgrade/jailbreak/unlock then you need to turn airplane mode on again (even though it says it is off) then turn it off and you should be good. Same happened to me.

  98. hey imran i really need ur help. every time i download the 4.0 firmware from this or any website it comes up diffrent…. like redsno dosent recognize it and it dosent even look like a firmware. i dont know what to do withought the firmware im stuck with no phone plz help

  99. Go to Folder Options [Type in start menu search], go to the view tab, and uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types'. Now select that firmware file, right click it and select rename. Change the '.zip' part to '.ipsw'. This should fix it.

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  101. gets stuck on downloading jailbreak data. Using Mac OSX. Tried 3 times but unable to jailbreak. Any clues?

  102. @Imran, I am currently on iPhone 3G (version 3.0) with baseband 4.26.08, will the Ultrasnow JB and unlock my current phone on OS 4.0?
    Thanks brother.

  103. i still get the 'no service” message after toggling with the airplane mode, several reboots and restores!
    i don't know what i'm doing wrong, any ideas?
    i have a 3gs on 3.1.3. thanks

    1. i followed the redsn0w jailbreak directions then used ultrasnow to unlock. all went just as planned and the 3G on the IOS4 is jailbroke. Only thing i wonder is if it is truly unlocked. The carrier still says AT&T. should it still say AT&T? the Sim card is not in it. I plan on selling it.

  104. I lost my MMS capabilities after jailbreaking. I had them with the regular 4.0 ISO. Any suggestions other than restoring?

  105. So just to make sure, I used to have the Spirit JB for 3Gs 3.1.3 7318 then I upgraded to 4.0 which basically cancelled out my jailbreak. There is no way that I can downgrade back then JB w/ 4.01?

  106. Hello Imran,

    Thanks a lot for the information. Keep it up.

    Infact I followed the above instructions and jailbreaked my iPhone 3G (version 3.0) with baseband 4.26.08. But I am not getting my carrier in it. It says Carrier “Not Available” in my Settings>General>About. I tried resetting my network but cudn't fix it. Apart from that the installation was successful. Thank you Again. Waiting for your reply.

  107. Hi, I used the latest pwnagetool to jailbreak my 3g since I read that i would be able to avoid the mms problem. this worked perfectly.
    BUT it hasn't unlocked any of the new ios4 features that 3gs and 4 get (multitasking is the actual reason behind my jailbreaking). What should I do now? any cydia app or so?
    Is it safe for me to use redsn0w after pwnagetool or do i need to start from scratch with redsn0w?

  108. internet is not working on my phone, just keeps asking me to sign into a wifi point? Please help!!

  109. i did jaibreak iphone 3g 4.0 using readsn0w, but when i tried to add http:// repo666.ultrasn0w.com, it says “did not find repository”.
    please help me

  110. I updated my JB 3g to iOS4 and lost my data connection. Phone works fine but cannot surf the net. Any idea how I can be able to connect data?

  111. finaly imran bhai … can i unlock and active and jailbreak, my apple i phone 3gs 4os .. is it possible ? m realy tried with this my i phone, i have apple i phone 3gs since last 5 months but i never use my sim card in this stupid cell phone ….

    so finaly … can i use my i phone 3GS ??? 4 OS ??? here in india ????

  112. can u tell me that when will realese jailbreak unlocker for i phone 3gs 4os … or can i do downgrade for my i phone 3gs 4 os to 3.1.3 or 3.1.2 ???

  113. i am getting unable to recognize firmware error with redsnow b5 when i try to setup with 3gs, any help?

  114. my iphone runs on 3.12 and firmware 5.11.07. my phone is unlokced and jailbroken, how to upgrade to iphone os 4?

  115. Hi, I know this problem. You must restore your iphone. And when itunes ask you about restore backuped iphone you must select Set up like a new iphone… then you have clean new iphone a then you sync you contacts and other stuff. Much work but internet connection without wifi connection is functional

  116. im trying to unclock my iphone in redsnow but i receive message ” unable to recognize specified IPSW. Any help.


  117. same here..error says unable to recognize firmware with redsnow. what should we do? help plss

  118. Why did this not work for me? The whole procedure works fine but still the phone is locked to mtn-sa.

  119. Hello I have just bought iphone 3gs 16gb 3.1.3 from ebay last week. when i attech iphone with my computer it ask me to upgrade itune and i did upgrade itune. since that it lock my phone up and i can not see any more cydia and i can't receive call or dial call. so would assist me what should i do to use my phone again. would you please please help me. I live in small town call wilkesboro north carolina next to hickery, lanor, boon. i ask many people in this town but no one has any idea how to work my phone back. this was unlock phone and i use t mobile service and after i upgrade itune it shows version 4.0 on my iphone my cell 704-957-5010 my name is Ricky Patel please help me if you can. or give me some kind of advice where, who, or how can i fix my phone back to work.

    thank you

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  121. i used redsnow 0.95-5-5 smth like that, and it worked. i found it in a youtube tutorial, a guy holding his 3g in front of a sony vaio.

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  124. I have a problem with jailbreaking my iphone ios4 with Redsnow 0.9.5b5-1. After it ran through the whole process, it freezes at the end saying waiting for reboot which takes more than 30 minutes. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  125. Thanks for this guide. The unlock operation went smooth on my iPhone 3g with the latest software. Keep up the good work.

  126. Hello I did this and it works but the wifi isn`t working it detects the conecction but when I put connect it says unable to connect! Can someone help me? I pass the ultrsnow with cyder using my computer!

  127. Same happened to me when I tried on Windows 7, but worked fine when I tried on Windows Vista.

    Just a small change while entering DFU mode, hold onto the Home button for few more secs untill the “Downloading” screen appears on ur phone!!

  128. I'm also getting the “unable to recognize firmware error.” It would be nice if the author of this blog would respond to our comments. I don't have a contract with AT&T, so you've basically bricked my phone.

  129. I've read that you have to restart the whole phone.
    I'm doing that, but then I don't know what to do, Do I have to start again the process?

  130. I think your problem is that you try to jailbreak IOS 4.0.1

    Step 1: Download iOS 4.0.1 for your version of iPhone.

    Step 2: Update to this latest firmware using the IPSW file you just downloaded via iTunes 9.2.

    Step 3: Start Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 (download link given below) and point it to iOS 4 (Final Version), and not iOS 4.0.1 firmware file to proceed with the jailbreak.

  131. Hi, Jaques,
    I’m having a problem, I upgraded my iphone 3g to ios 4. Hwen I tried to jailbreak and unlock it again, the firmware that a found on the net, doen’t work with it. I used the redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-5 and iPhone1,2_4.0_8A230m_Restore. coluld you help me out?
    I need a link to the right firmware or other version.
    Thank you in advanced.

  132. I did exactly as above and it worked. But I turned the phone off and on again the signal was completely gone. Tried different working sim cards, but they all dont work anymore. Anyone know how to fix this?

  133. Guyz,
    Just follow the instructions religiously and you will be able to unlock.
    I just unlocked my 3G running 4.02

  134. hi i did all d above the jailbreak worked perfect, but wen i went to unlock it tru cydia i rebooted it as requested but it jus turned off n came on n its been stuck on d apple icon ever since, please help as im stressin out over this

  135. the jailbreaking worked, but when i try to go into cydia it doesnt recognize my WIFI and says unable to connect. WIFI doesnt work for safari either. im freakin out. can anyone help?

    1. When this happened on my iPhone 3G, the WiFi module stopped working for good.. it needed a hardware repair. A search for iPhone 3G wifi issues on Google will tell more of this

  136. I did everything and worked but the problem its still searching for network ????
    How I can fix it???

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