Xesto Fit allows iPhone users to quickly size their feet from home

The Xesto Fit app was launched in the Apple App Store on November 20th just in time for the holiday season. The app enables iPhone users to size their feet using only their FaceID cameras in over 150 brands. This makes the app a measuring tool to gift shoes or even for users who want to purchase shoes online but are unsure about which size to get.

“What we do is remove the uncertainty of finding your size by taking your 3D foot dimensions and correlate that to the brands’ sizes (or shoe model, if we have them),” CEO and co-founder Sophie Howe told TechCrunch. “We use the brands size guides and customer feedback to make the size recommendations. We have over 150 brands currently supported and are continuously adding more brands and models.”

Xesto Fit

Xesto Fit allows iPhone users to quickly size their feet from home

The app works using the Face ID camera on the iPhone. Xesto requires users to take 5 photos of each of their feet. Then, the app’s proprietary software processes and creates 3D models of the feet, with the key dimensions. Unlike any other measurement app, Xesto requires no reference object or information and has incredible accuracy – under 1.5 mm of error for foot sizing.

Xesto Fit

Once users scan their feet, they can save and create their own Xesto Fit Account with 1 tap. The benefit of a Xesto account is that whenever users want a size recommendation in the Xesto Fit ecosystem, the size is automatically generated with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, with the Xesto Fit Size Sharing feature, users can share their size profiles with friends and family to make the process of gift-giving as easy as possible. Xesto can also be integrated into 150 brands’ websites so that users can receive size recommendations without downloading an app.

Xesto Fit

Xesto Fit runs on devices with TrueDepth front-facing cameras, such as iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 12 models and iPad Pro. The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store.

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