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Download the Windows Live Essentials offline installer

Windows Live Essentials takes to long to install for you? Internet connection unreliable? Then grab the full offline installer at this link. Using it, you can install all Windows Live Applications as well as their required components without having to connect to the Internet. And if you still haven’t upgraded yet, you really should! Don’t let the online installer hold you back.

Different new power saving options in Windows 7

Vista took a good step towards power saving by providing very customizable options to the end user to control different power schemes. In Windows XP, the control over your hardware’s power options wasn’t as refined as in Vista. But, Vista runs a lot of services, along with the added overhead of Aero, it turns out to be not-so-battery-friendly after all for most people, which is …

Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 from Windows Live Essentials Review

The new Windows Live Essentials Beta applications are available for download now at They have been updated to match the Windows 7 UI. Windows Live Messenger now has jump lists and new status icons in the superbar in Windows 7. The new sign in UI looks superb as well. Most other features have carried on from the last beta. For a review of them, …