Make FREE Unlimited Phone Calls Over 3G / WiFi With ‘Viber’ For iPhone – The Perfect Skype Killer App! [Review]

Viber is the latest FREE iPhone app now available on the App Store that allows you to make 100% unlimited free calls to other Viber users over Wifi as well as your 3G / Edge data connection. Why we call it the “perfect Skype killer”? Its because it has everything any VoIP user would wish the Skype app had and more! Viber runs seamlessly in the background without draining your battery and provides a speedy interface and excellent audio quality, even better than Skype as we noted in our early tests.


After you download and install Viber on your iPhone, it scans your Address book for contacts already using Viber and adds them automatically to your Viber contacts allowing you to instantly make free calls from your iPhone. Best part is, you don’t need to worry about your Viber contact’s iPhone model while placing the call. Also unlike Skype, the user does not need to be online because even if the app is closed and not even running in the background, you can still receive calls through the service. Awesome!

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When a call is placed with Viber, the user is sent a push notification via and a decent ringtone sounds and when you tap “Answer”, the app is launched and a connection is made in mere seconds. Not just this, the app developers have already announced the next Viber update will have support for iPod touch as well as the iPad. Also they plan to add free text messaging, custom ringtones and location based services too. Beat that Skype!

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So what are you waiting for? Download Viber on your iPhone and start making some amazing quality VoIP calls with your friends now! Also check out this official Viber app demo video and post your comments below:

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  • Talha

    Where is tha video?

    • its right there mate :)

  • Dj

    Can’t seem to receive the activation code after reinstalling many times

    • Make sure you can receive international SMS and your push notifications are working properly!

  • Boon

    Sounds all good until you look at your international roaming bill for 3G data.

    There must be some ongoing communication & data transfer between iphone and the viber servers. So even if you don’t get any calls, you’ll still be incurring some charges on data use over 3G.

    Calls on viber are free only when you are on free wifi. I have not seen any telcos offering free unlimited 3G data. I learned my lesson after incurring $299 of data use over 5 days of simply checking emails and some surfing on the iPhone.