Google thinks every site may harm your computer.


Something is wrong at the Google Plex.  Apparently, no matter what you search, Google is showing this message beneath it:

This site may harm your computer

If this isn’t enough of a warning, click on any search result and you’ll be greeted with:Warning No wonder, this is a trending topic on Twitter. Has Google marked all teh Internetz as malware? Is this a step towards global Internet domination? Or just a little boo boo ? Only time will tell. Lets enjoy this while it lasts!

P.S. a fix for this Google error is here

Update: TechCrunch reports that it ‘it only seems to occur when you’re searching as a signed in user.’

Update 2: Fixed now, Thankfully!

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  • Alan Colmes

    Actually techcrunch is wrong. It shows up even if you are not signed in. And it is still present on the first 3 pages of results on every site. Massive boo boo by Google and someone will need to get fired. I imagine most smart webmasters will start collection procedures to recoup the adwords losses they had on this day, due to people clicking on ads but not getting to the page.