Storage Solutions – Dropbox vs. Windows Live Mesh

When it comes to backing up files online, one of the most used services is Dropbox. However, Microsoft has recently rolled out Windows Live Mesh, which provides Dropbox with some competition. Each have their pros and cons, so I decided to test them both. Here’s what I found:




1) Available for Mac, PC, and Linux.

2) Ability to share files with those that do not have Dropbox.

3) Automatic syncing.

4) App for iOS and Android.

5) Upgradeable. 50GB for $9.99/month and 100GB for $19.99/month.


1) Slow upload/download speeds.

2) Free plan only includes 2GB of storage.

3) Only syncs contents of “Dropbox” folder.


Windows Live Mesh


1) Available for both Mac and PC.

2) Fast upload/download speeds.

3) Free plan includes 5GB of storage.

4) Can set any folder/s to sync.

5) Automatic syncing


1) No Linux support.

2) Can only share files with those using Windows Live Mesh.

3) Only mobile support is for Windows Phone.

4) No current storage upgrade options for Live Mesh.



Overall, Windows Live Mesh had the best to offer. With 5GB of online storage, faster upload/download speeds, and the ability to sync any folder regardless of location, ditching Dropbox in favor of Live Mesh became an easy decision for me. However, if you use Linux or wish to share files via direct download, Dropbox is the better choice. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, so ultimately the choice between the two is personal. Personally, I’ll be using Live Mesh.

I am a technology enthusiast who’s first major computer experience was with hacking the Sony PSP. I am an Apple Dev, and I’m currently studying Computer Programming and 3D Animation.

  • Ammar

    Dropbox has another advantage. Its available for iOS as well as android.

  • Jonathan

    windows live mesh does allow you to share with a link sent threw email & i think threw links. you dont need windows live mesh just the persons email & when sending the link it will ask you if you will want the recipient to have to log in to there hotmail account which is for a better experience when sharing photo’s & commenting on them. its photo sharing u.i. is unique & is made for the sharing of media with a better can watch video’s & picture’s as the automatic preview flips threw the media about every 3 seconds, with a dark u.i. to make the color’s & vid’s stand out,also you can sync any folder & not just one folder which is good for programs ex: if you sync all of you’r libraries across different pc’s they will all be updated,not just that one dropbox folder (even sugarsync starts you off with 5 gigs of space now & syc’s “folder’s” in different locations) so the only drawback that i see with live mesh is the fact that they dont have back up’s as sugarsync or dropbox has, but you do get 25 free gigs of free space that can be used as a separate backup for the most important data you have.i use both & happen to like live mesh for the integration & i believe if you are going to use it you should at least have a hotmail or live account, especially if running windows 7,messenger & all that.