Apple to name 6.7-inch standard model “iPhone 14 Plus” not Max, claims last minute rumor

The launch of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is days away. Ahead of the announcement, a last-minute rumor suggest the larger 6.7-inch standard model could be branded as the “iPhone 14 Plus”, rather than the “iPhone 14 Max.”

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Apple’s ‘Plus’ name might make a comeback with the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup

Numerous reports since the beginning of this year have pointed to Apple dropping the ‘mini’ iPhone this year in place of a larger standard model due to slow sales of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. Despite the fact that it offers the same features as its larger counterpart, its form factor was just not that big of a hit with consumers.

Now, a last-minute rumor claims that Apple could switch to the “Plus” branding it introduced with the iPhone 6 models, despite the fact that it dropped it long ago with the iPhone X lineup.

In a tweet about the expected leather and silicone cases of the upcoming lineup, leaker @Majin Bu claimed that “iPhone 14 Max will probably only be called Plus.”

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Though this seems like a stretch, it would be possible that Apple does not want consumers to be confused about the similarity between the names of the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It could also mislead consumers into thinking the standard iPhone offers “Pro,” features.

However, it is still a big stretch given that Apple typically doesn’t switch things up once it is moving in a different direction creatively.

This year’s standard models are set to feature the same design as their predecessors with the same A15 chip. All models are expected to feature 6GB of RAM and support for 30W charging. As for the internal storage of the device, there are some conflicting reports about whether it will start from 128GB or 256GB, given an expected price hike. As for the Pro models, they will be equipped with the A16 chip and a new elongated pill-shaped cutout for the display.

The upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is set to be announced in a few days at Apple’s special fall 2022 event “Far Out,” on September 7 alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and possibly the second-generation AirPods Pro.

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