Apple is forced to sell iPhone 12 with power adaptor in Brazil

Apple has removed the power adaptor and EarPods from the new flagship iPhone 12 box. All iPhone 12 models now ship in thin boxes with only the charging cable. However, consumer regulators in São Paulo, Brazil are forcing the company to sell power adaptors in the new iPhone 12 boxes.

The Cupertino tech giant based the exclusion of accessories from iPhone 12 box on environmental concerns that most users already have EarPods and power adaptors and the decision will prevent large numbers of such accessories from ending in landfills. This will help to reduce carbon emissions by shipping more iPhone units at a time due to smaller packaging too. Although the cause is appreciated, users immediately pointed out that the new USB-C to Lighting power adaptors were not sold with previous iPhone models, which means that most users will have to buy new power adaptors.

Previously, in France, Apple had to ship the iPhone 12 with EarPods because of its radiation law which does not let companies distribute radio equipment like smartphones without wired, solid, and reliable headsets. If any mobile is sold without clear information promoting the use of wired headphones it will be fined 75,000 Euro. Therefore, France is the only country in which the company provided headphones.


Brazil Forces Apple to Sell iPhone 12 with Power Adaptor

The public consumer protection agency of São Paulo State, Procon SP published a notification instructing the company that the agency requires it make charger available to consumers. The notification states:

Procon-SP notified Apple to the company to explain about the sale of new iPhone models without the charger. In response, the company informs that since there are already many of these devices in the world, in general, the new ones are not used and that the decision was aimed at helping to reduce carbon emissions and electronic waste.

Procon-SP understands that, when buying a new device, the consumer has the expectation that not only will the iPhone present better performance, but also the power adapter (charging the device faster and safer); remembering that the device is an essential part for the use of the product.

Apple does not demonstrate in its response that the use of old adapters cannot compromise the charging process and safety of the procedure, nor that the use of third-party chargers will not be used as a refusal for eventual repair of the product during the legal or contractual warranty.


Dissatisfied by the lack of substantiating data to support Apple’s claim that the removal of power adaptors benefits the environment and reduced carbon emission, the executive director of Procon-SP, Fernando Capez said that,

“When failing to sell the product without the charger, claiming carbon reduction and environmental protection, the company should present a recycling project. Procon-SP will demand that Apple present a viable plan.”

Apple is selling power adaptors separately for $19.99 for not only the new iPhone 12 but also the new Apple Watch Series 6 and MagSafe chargers. São Paulo consumer agency has warned the Cupertino tech giant “Apple’s conduct will be reviewed by the supervisory board and, if violations of the law are found, it may be fined as provided by the Consumer Protection and Defense Code.”

Whatever the decision may be, it will be restricted to the state of São Paulo in Brazil and not the entire country. Having said that, it will interesting to see if other nations follow suit and compel Apple to include the accessories excluded from the iPhone 12 box.

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