Apple Hearing Study 2023 reveals concerning noise levels amongst Americans

In partnership with Apple, the University of Michigan conducted the annual Apple Hearing Study using the Apple Watch Noise app and the results yielded some concerning news for Americans. On International Noise Awareness Day, the updated study revealed that one in three adult Americans is exposed to excessive noise, which accounts for approximately 77 million people.

Apple hearing study

Apple Hearing Study reveals 1 in 3 Americans exposed to excessive noise pollution

The Apple Hearing Study, which began in November 2019, aims to determine the effects of long-term sound exposure on people. It is open to anyone, and data is collected from the Apple Watch Noise app. The latest study received data from approximately 130,000 volunteers who submitted their data using the Apple Research app from November 2019 to December 2022.

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The data was analyzed to identify who was consistently exposed to sound above the annual 70 decibels average limit defined by the WHO and US EPA. The data showed that people who were younger, Black or Hispanic, or male were exposed to more noise. Additionally, the higher the population density, the more noise people were exposed to on average. Puerto Rico had the highest percentage of people exposed to excessive noise at 44%, followed by California, Texas, Florida, and New York.Apple

It is important to note that hearing loud noise for a few moments is unlikely to cause permanent damage. However, the study provided some tips to help people reduce their exposure to excessive noise. These include moving away from loud noise or taking “quiet breaks” when around loud environments. Using hearing protection is also recommended, and people should try to choose quieter appliances when shopping.

This Apple Hearing Study highlights the importance of understanding the impact of noise pollution on people’s health. Excessive noise can lead to hearing loss, sleep disturbance, and other health issues. By identifying areas where people are consistently exposed to excessive noise, policymakers can take action to reduce noise pollution and promote a healthier environment.

In conclusion, the ongoing hearing study by Apple and the University of Michigan has revealed some concerning news about Americans’ exposure to excessive noise. The study’s findings emphasize the importance of taking steps to reduce noise pollution and promote a healthier environment. By using the tips provided and being mindful of the noise around us, we can protect our hearing and improve our overall health and well-being.

Anyone with an iPhone can join the Apple Hearing Study or other research studies by downloading the Apple Research app from the App Store. While some studies may require specific devices or equipment, all studies are free to join.

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