Face ID could arrive on Mac according to the latest patent filed by Apple

According to a recent patent filing, Apple plans to bring the Face ID biometric authentication system to its Mac lineup, desktops, and portables. The feature was initially introduced with the iPhone X.

The patent dubbed “Light Recognition Module For Determining A User Of A Computing Device. Apple wants to provide the users with more security as computing devices allow them to perform complex operations and create personal data. Face ID would make it much difficult for someone to steal data from another user.

ARM - Face ID Macbook

Apple plans to bring Face ID to Mac lineup

Right now, Face ID is only available on the iPhone X and later and iPad Pro models featuring the A12 Bionic chip. The chip provides secure authentication enabled by the TrueDepth camera system with advanced technologies to map the geometry of a person’s face.

Face ID on Mac Apple patent

The patent shows that Apple’s primary focus is including Face ID to MacBooks, but it does not say that in those exact words, rather it refers to it as a light recognition module and a laptop.

This application relates to a laptop computer. The laptop computer includes a base portion pivotally coupled to a lid portion is described. The laptop computer includes a display assembly carried by the lid portion, where the display assembly includes a light-transmissive cover, a display layer overlaid by the light-transmissive cover, a display stack electrically coupled to and overlaid by the display layer, and a light pattern recognition module adjacent to the display stack and overlaid by the display layer. The light pattern recognition module includes (i) a light pattern projector that projects a light pattern directly through the display layer

Apple has been working on security for quite some time now, the company introduced privacy labels that would require the developer of an app to ask before using a person’s data. Though various tech giants have shown their resentment towards these labels, it did not stop Apple.

Another recent patent filed by Apple shows that the company is working on expanding haptic feedback to MacBook. Recently Apple removed the infamous iMac Pro from its website, discontinuing the lineup.

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