Apple might adopt USB-C port soon as India joins EU and Brazil efforts for common chargers

For a while, Apple consumers have been requesting the company to adopt the USB-C charging port for iPhone. Although the tech giant switched the latest iPads to USB-C connectors, it has been reluctant to do so with iPhone for unknown reasons.

However, that might change soon. India is another country that is exploring the adoption of common chargers for mobile electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, headphones, and others for environmental reasons.

Apple - USB-C cable

Previously, the European Commission approved the “Radio Equipment Directive” bill to force manufacturers of consumer electronics to adopt USB-C as a standard charging port in all mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices by Autumn 2024.

And the Brazilian regulatory agency, Anatel has also proposed for smartphone manufacturers to adopt USB-C charging ports for “greater convenience for consumers”.

Thus, with increasing pressure from legislators around the world, the Cupertino tech giant might have to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C port in iPhones soon.


Indian Consumer Affairs Ministry seeks the advice of experts to force Apple and other OEMs to adopt “C-Type” port

Deccan Herald reports that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in India plans to form expert groups to decide if the country should adopt common chargers for portable electronic devices.

The government will set up expert groups to explore the adoption of common chargers for mobile and all portable electronic devices and submit a detailed report in two months, said Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh.

“It is a complex issue. India has a position in the manufacturing of chargers. We have to understand everybody’s perspective — industry, the users, manufacturers and environment — before taking a final decision.”

Apple itself is actively involved in the preservation of the environment. The company has switched to renewable energy resources to power its offices and retail stores, removed power adapters and EarPods from iPhone boxes to reduce e-waste, and is pushing for its supply chain to be carbon neutral by 2030

Maybe, the tech giant will not resist the legislators’ push and launch future iPhones with USB-C charging ports. It is already rumored that the iPhone 2023 will feature a USB-C connector.

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