New Apple Watch survey hints at glucose monitoring feature

A recent Apple Watch survey sent out to smartwatch users in Brazil mentions glucose monitoring along with other health features. 9to5Mac reports that, in the new questionnaire, Apple asked users how they use to monitor health data and if they downloaded apps to monitor medications, eating habits, and blood glucose levels.

Apple Watch Patent

This hint corroborates existing claims that Apple is working to introduce blood glucose monitoring on Apple Watch Series 7 or 8. According to the reports, the Cupertino tech giant will equip the future smartwatch model with an optical sensor, presumably by British electronic start-up, Rockley Photonics to measure their blood glucose levels without pricking with a needle.

A new patent revealed that the Cupertino tech company is working to use terahertz electromagnetic radiation technology to monitor glucose on Apple Watch. The new sensor will enable users to track their blood sugar levels without drawing blood.

Apple might be working to include a blood glucose monitoring feature on Apple Watch

Glucose monitoring will add more value to the existing array of health features on the Apple Watch like measuring ECG, Blood oxygen, heart rate, and tracking menstruation, sleep patterns, activity, and others. And the new survey wanted to know how the health features were integrated into users’ lives.

The survey has a section dedicated to health features, which have become a major selling point of the Apple Watch since its introduction. Apple first asks about the features built into watchOS, such as step counting, flights climbed, activity rings, stand-up reminders, and the Workout app — the company wants to know which of these features consumers use the most.

Following these questions, Apple also asks about third-party apps for managing health data. The survey provides options about using third-party apps for tracking workouts, monitoring eating habits (including hydration and nutrition), and managing other health care (such as medications and monitoring blood glucose levels).

Apple Watch

As per the report, Apple’s surveys are quite telling based on the company’s pattern of getting users’ feedback before introducing a new feature.

The company often sends surveys to consumers in order to find out what they think about a product or what they miss on it.

Back in 2020, Apple asked some iPhone users if they kept the power adapter that came in the box. Months later, iPhone 12 was announced with the charger not included. Another survey asked what users thought about Face ID prior to the release of iOS 14.5 with an option to unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch when wearing a mask.

Furthermore, it is also claimed that Apple would use new sensors to monitor blood pressure and alcohol levels on the smartwatch in Series 8.

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