A New Authentic Video of HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 OS Port Appears

Here we go again. Yet another video showing Windows Phone 7 OS running on HTC HD2. In case you don’t know the background to this story, HTC HD2 was to get Windows Phone 7 update but in the end, it seems to have missed Microsoft’s hardware requirements by just the lack of a hardware search button. Whatever the case, hackers have been hard at work to get Windows Phone 7 OS ported to HTC HD2 so that all those owners who had bought it hoping that it’ll get Microsoft’s latest mobile OS update can have their dreams fulfilled.HTCHD2_Front__Back__Right_10021540x386

Some past videos of HD2 running Windows Phone 7 have turned out to be fake while some developers have kind of disappeared after showing some proof that it works. This latest demo video shows the OS running almost perfectly on the HD2 hardware ( honestly, I wouldn’t expect any less considering that the new WP7 devices don’t seem to have any newer powerful internals ). Xbox Live, Pictures Hub and tiles all seem to be working as well. The touch screen seems to be working fine with the OS too.


You might ask why the bottom half of the phone is hidden. Cable connected? RDC used? Sure, still photographs don’t show any cable. But they could just be showing images.

Let us explain.

It’s detecting WiFi networks and the performance seems too good to be using RDC. The biggest point of all, it goes through the complete boot process. These things make it seem rather authentic but then until it’s released to the public, you never know.

You could install and use Android 2.2 on your HD2 while you wait for this. ;)




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