Download M1 iMac wallpapers to use on any computer

Apple has included colorful new M1 iMac wallpapers that look right at home on the colorful all-in-one iMacs. These new iMacs were announced during Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event and feature a brand new design, powerful M1 chip, updated ports, and much more. While the M1 iMac will start shipping in the second half of May, you can download its colorful new wallpapers right here.

Apple M1 iMac

2021 M1 iMac wallpapers

Apple announced its new iMac in seven new colors: green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, and silver. Customers had been waiting for this redesign for a long time, as the previous design had been unchanged for too long. Not only is the new iMac thin, sleek looking, and has a beautiful 4.5k Retina Display, it is also available in seven new colors, which is sort of a throwback to the original iMac which was also launched in multiple translucent colors. These seven new pastel colors make the new iMac look retro-futuristic and unlike anything else that is available in the market.

To accompany these new colors, Apple has created fourteen new M1 iMac wallpapers. These abstract wallpapers are available in more than seven colors and look great on just about any display, whether it is a standard size or ultra-wide. To download these wallpapers, open them in a new tab, click the image to view it in full size, and download it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Apply as a background and enjoy the new look.

Which M1 iMac wallpaper color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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