Firefox 89 for Mac gets a new design, full screen fixes, improved color support, and more

Firefox 89 is a major new update that features a brand new design that touches each part of the browser, including its chrome, menus, info bars, and prompts. There are clear and more streamlined alerts and messages that let users do things in fewer clicks and understand what they are doing.

The update also features macOS-specific updates, some of which have been implemented after 22 years. Yes, you read that right.

Firefox 89 for Mac

Firefox 89 finally closes a bug report that was filed 22 years ago

If you are a macOS user, there are many good news here as Firefox 89 adopts a bunch of native features that browsers like Safari and Chrome implemented long ago. These improvements include:

  • macOS native context menus with support for dark mode. This feature was reported 22 years ago as a bug report¬†and has finally been implemented.
  • Elastic overscroll effect that makes the page bounce when you reach its end. This has been a part of macOS for more than a decade.
  • Smart zoom support lets you double-tap two fingers on your Mac trackpad to zoom in on a website. You can also use a single finger on a Magic Mouse to zoom in.
  • Colors in Firefox are no longer saturated on wide gamut displays, which are common on the latest macs.
  • Fixes for full-screen mode on macOS. Moving the mouse to the top of Firefox in a full-screen window will no longer hide your browser tabs behind the menu bar.
  • You can now hide your browser toolbar in full-screen mode.

Firefox 89 for iOS has also received a new coat of paint to match its desktop counterpart.

With these new changes, Firefox is finally at a stage where it actually looks as good as Safari and Chrome. It already is a fast-performing web browser and supports the latest M1 Macs, so if you were on the fence before, now is a good time to try out Firefox 89.

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