Galaxy Tab may cost between $200 to $400 in the US

Samsung Galaxy Tab was revealed last week at IFA where its overall specs were revealed. The Tablet really looked impressive but Samsung did not reveal how much the device will cost. Some reports suggested that the device may cost about a thousand dollars which is twice as much as the cheapest iPad but current reports are now suggesting that the device may cost between $200 to $400.

Galaxy Tab price

According to Wall Street Journal, a Samsung executive claims that the device would cost less when it comes to U.S stores and its price will be between $200 to $300 which may vary from carrier to carrier. While on the other side, Korea Times mentioned the price of the device to be between $300 to $400 as they said the Galaxy Tab will cost a little bit more than Galaxy S smartphone which costs $200 with contract and Sprint’s Epic 4G which is available for $250.

Looking at the features of the Galaxy Tab, a price between $300 and $250 looks more practical with a two year contract which raises another question that what would be its monthly charges.

The real price of the Galaxy Tab will be revealed soon as Vodafone is already showing it as “coming soon”.

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