Google Maps is now compatible CarPlay and Apple Watch

Today, Google has announced compatibility with new iOS devices: CarPlay and Apple Watch for Google Maps app. With a dedicated CarPlay Dashboard users will be able to navigate their route while listening to songs, podcasts, news, audiobooks, and others. Apple Watch users will be able to track their location or find directions to their destination right from the screen of their smartwatch.

Although Apple offers a native navigation app, Maps, users still prefer Google Maps for its accuracy and availability across the globe on various devices.  The announcement states:

Google Maps helps you find places to go, things to do and how to get there—no matter what device you’re using. With compatibility for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard and a new app for the Apple Watch, people using iOS devices can safely and easily navigate with Google Maps right from their car or wrist.

New Google Maps Features

Designed for the convenience of iOS users, the new Google Maps features have made the app available on more devices.

  • Google’s CarPlay Dashboard offers a split-screen view that allows users to get navigation support while playing their preferred audio file. Users can not only listen to music, audiobooks, podcast, news, and more, they can also change, play, pause, rewind, fast forward those audio files.

  • Google Maps app on Apple Watch will provide the navigation assistance users require when traveling to or exploring places at a glance on their wrists. Users will receive directions by car, bike, foot, or public transport. The app will provide minute-by-minute directions to already saved destinations like work, cafe, or home on the smartwatch. But for new destinations, users will have to first start navigating from their iPhone and resume directions on their watch.

The app is already available on most Apple devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It also offers messages support so that users can send and receive locations directly in iMessage.

Users can download Google Maps on CarPlay and Apple Watch via their respective App Stores. From today, the CarPlay Dashboard is available on all compatible automobiles and the app on Apple Watch will be available globally in the coming weeks.

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