iPadOS 15 now runs iPhone apps in landscape mode on iPad

Apple announced iPadOS 15 during its WWDC 2021 event. The major new update features a revamped home screen with support for widgets, including new larger ones, and an app library. Multitasking has also seen some enhancements, while a new Quick Note app allows users to take notes related to any website or third-party app on their iPad.

As spotted by various users, iPhone apps can now run on iPadOS 15 in landscape mode rather than in portrait mode. Users could not do this in the previous iPadOS releases, and it became a gruesome problem for users with Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard as the apps cannot be used on the iPad in a vertical setting.

landscape iPhone apps on iPad

iPadOS 15 now runs iPhone apps in landscape mode

This fall, when users open an iPhone app on their iPadOS 15 it will open in landscape mode and will respect users’ device’s orientation. Users won’t be forced to switch to portrait. As soon as Instagram releases a native version for the operating system, users can even use the app in landscape mode without being forced to switch to portrait mode.

But users will witness large black borders on either side when using apps without a dedicated interface for iPad. This makes a huge difference for those users who regularly have to use iPhone apps on a larger screen. Moreover, the change is automatic and developers do not have to change their apps, rather they can use the feature right away.

It is surprising that this simple feature took a lot of time to make its debut on the iPad but in any case, the good news is that it has finally happened. Better support for iPhone apps on iPadOS is a very good initiative. iPadOS 15 will officially roll out to every user this fall, and a public beta will be made available in July for anyone who wants to take it for a spin sooner.

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