iPhone 13 series to feature a new faster A15 chip, Apple Watch like Always-on display and 120Hz refresh rate – Report

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 13 series in Fall. And as the launch time is coming closer, the certainty in reports of its alleged features is getting stronger. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims in the new edition of his weekly ‘Power On’ newsletter that the coming iPhone series will have a faster processor, improved battery and camera, and most importantly, a new Apple Watch-like always-on display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

It is speculated that Apple will equip the new smartphone line with low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display for OLED screens. The LTPO OLED panels emit light in response to electric current, therefore, work without a backlight to offer deeper blacks and a higher contrast ratio without consuming a lot of power. Therefore, with LPTO OLED technology, Apple will be able to offer an always-on and 120Hz ProMotion display in the upcoming iPhone models.

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with an Always-on display in iPhone 13 would Apple release default lock screen wallpapers, as well?

Gurman wrote:

“Expect a faster A15 chip, smaller notch, a new display for better battery life and the potential of an Apple Watch-like always on mode and a 120Hz refresh rate and upgrades to video recording.” 

All the mentioned features support the alleged new display tech; a more powerful chip and larger battery will support a higher 120Hz refresh rate and an always-on display mode which consumes more power. Having said that, an LTPO display is likely to manage power efficiency. Currently, Apple Watch Series 5, and 6 models offer an always-on display feature.

Having said that, the always-on display comes with some restrictions. An ex-Apple software engineer, David Shayer, explained that Apple is likely to never allow third-party developers to create watch faces because of battery life concerns. For the always-on mode on the smartwatch, every watch face is optimized for minimum battery drain which can only be developed by Apple.

The knowledge of watch faces’ display graphics and GPU works is the company’s “proprietary” and are not shared with third-party developers. Therefore, only Apple’s watch software engineers know the graphics techniques which will be more power-efficient.

“Their animation techniques are the most energy-efficient possible. They have access to private graphics APIs that aren’t available to third-party developers. And they have internal testing and measurement tools that the company doesn’t provide to third-party developers.”

iOS 15 -iPhone 13

Therefore, if iPhone 13 users will be able to enable the always-on display mode to show the weather, time, calendar, and other information, they will need to set an Apple-created wallpaper for power efficiency.

In addition, Gurman claims that new iPhone models will offer a much faster 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion and transitions, and lower latency because of pixels’ higher refresh rate. And improvements to video recording. Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will upgrade the ultra-wide lens with autofocus on the iPhone 13 Pro models for a better photography experience. Sign-up for the first peek at Power On Newsletter by Mark Gurman click here.

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