Microsoft Edge beats Safari to become the second most popular desktop browser

Microsoft Edge browser has finally overtaken Safari to become the second most popular desktop browser in the world, as per the latest usage statistics. Safari still maintains its second position when it comes to mobile browsers. The number one desktop browser in the world is still Google Chrome, by a significant margin.

Ever since Microsoft Edge switched to Chromium, it has seen a constant rise in popularity and usage. In most ways, it has simply become another version of Google Chrome since it mostly supports the same features and extensions, while adding some of its own. The Chromium version of Edge is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, which makes it a true competitor to Chrome and Firefox, while desktop Safari is only available on Mac.

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Edge continues to gain popularity on desktop

As per Statcounter, Edge had been neck and neck with Safari’s popularity in terms of global usage since November 2021. However, in March 2022, Edge finally inched further to 9.65% and crossed Safari’s second place which was at 9.56%. In April 2022, Edge continue to grow and hit 10.07%, while Safari remained at 9.62%. Throughout this time, Google Chrome has hovered between 66% – 67% global usage, and it seems unlikely that any other browser will be able to overtake it anytime soon.

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Firefox had also been close to both Safari and Edge early this year, however, it has seen a dip in usage in March and April. If Safari does not gain any momentum, Firefox could be the next browser that overtakes it.

Even though Macs have seen tremendous growth when it comes to sales, Safari’s usage growth has not kept up at the same pace, which indicates that many Mac users might be opting for alternative browsers like Chrome or Edge.

When it comes to mobile, Safari is in a stable position at around 24% market share, as it has virtually zero competition on iOS. Any other browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox also have to use Safari’s engine. Chrome is still the king on mobile with more than 63% market share, and will continue to remain so in the future.

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