iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to get mini-LED display in 2021, MacBook Air in 2022

Apple is reported to launch the 2021 iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with new mini-LED displays. In addition to that, DigiTimes claims that the Cupertino tech giant will expand the new display technology in MacBook Air models releasing in 2022.

In comparison to currently used LCD panels, Mini-LED display technology delivers higher brightness and deeper contrasts by using diodes smaller than 0.2mm in size. The mini-LED panels also enable HDR through local dimming.

mini LED display

Along with 2021 iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, 2022 MacBook Air to get a mini-LED display

Corroborating Ming-Chi Kuo claims, DigiTimes writes that Apple will launch iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models with mini-LED display in 2021 and will also equip the MacBook Air with the mini-LED technology in 2022.

Apple is reportedly looking to adopt miniLED displays for its new iPads and MacBook Pros in 2021, while Samsung Electronics is expected to release a miniLED tablet and Micro-Star International (MSI) a miniLED notebook, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The sources expect that Apple’s 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros and 16-inch MacBook Pro set to be released in 2021 will be equipped with miniLED displays and adoption of miniLED will be expanded to its MacBook Air products in 2022.

mini-LED display

Mini-LED displays are more expensive because the technology uses more LEDs in the backlighting panel and inherently increases the cost of the device. But Kuo argues that the new Apple Silicon for Mac will balance out the cost.

The analyst further explained that although the mini LED panels are more expensive than LCD panels, they will not increase the cost of the products. The Apple Silicon is expected to balance out the cost. The new display panels will deliver evenly lit displays with higher contrast by dimming darker areas. It could also save Apple money by giving an alternative to the expensive OLED displays currently used in iPhone 12 models.

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