Niantic announces new Buddy Pokémon update for Pokémon Go

This year’s gaming sensation, Pokémon Go is about to get more new updates. Niantic has announced the release of an upcoming Buddy Pokémon feature designed to make the Pokémon Go experience more interactive and fun. Pokémon trainers will get to pick any Pokémon from their collection to walk alongside their avatar, which immediately reminds us of Ash and Pikachu’s companionship in the original anime.

Niantic announces new Buddy Pokémon update for Pokémon Go

Buddy Pokémon will not only keep the lonely avatar company, but it will also be a allow the trainer earn more candy, rewards, and other bonuses. For as long as a Buddy Pokémon stays with the user’s avatar, the user will be awarded candy for that Pokémon species. And the best part is, that trainers will be able to change their Buddy Pokémon whenever they like.


Assuming that trainers will pick their favorite creatures to accompany them in the virtual world, we will like to advise the contrary. Since trainers will receive candy for walking together, it will be beneficial to choose the hard to find or rare mystical creatures to power-up or evolve the Buddy Pokémon with the awarded candy.

It is hard to guess what other attractions the Buddy Pokémon feature will be rolling out with and by how much will it increase the game’s complexity. Maybe, we will be able to use Niantic announces new Buddy Pokémon update for Pokémon Go the buddy Pokémon to lure others, or it will assist in going in the right direction towards others to capture. As promised by Niantic, the developer, we will not have to wait long to find out. The feature is expected to roll out sometime before winter.

Niantic has been working hard on all fronts to keep the game’s virtual experience as exciting as it was at the time of release. Besides, diligent work on resolving server issues, bugs fixes, and improvements, the developer is focusing on launching new features. Recently, the Appraise feature was released to assist trainers in deciding which Pokémon to use for battles based on its best attribute and which ones to keep and evolve or transfer for candy based on its size.

The announcement is a good omen to keep Pokémon trainers eagerly waiting for new experiences. Gotta catch em all!

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