PlayStation 3 Root Key Posted Online by GeoHot – Should allow Hacked Consoles to Play Online


PS3 fans, you are in for some more surprise. Not long ago, a renowned iPhone hacker, Geohot tried his hand on the Playstaion 3, ripped it open and claimed that he added OtherOS including Linux to the Playstation 3 system. He termed this as 3.21OO and claimed that this new invention of his could “be installed without having to open up your PS3, just by restoring a custom generated PUP file, but only from 3.15 or previous.” Moreover, Geohot recommended the use of “proxy hack to play online with 3.15.”

The following video exhibits this innovation that provided the break through:

News is that Geohot has gone one step further and published the Playstation 3’s root key online that would enable online play via hacked consoles. Moreover, this root key has also been made available on his website.

Worth noting is the fact that only just recently, a German group of hackers called, failOverflow (yes the same group that had hacked open the Nintendo Wii), showed that they had hacked the PS3 and had enabled it to run pirated applications and Linux.

Here is the video that shows what they achieved:

(via Gizmodo)

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