Qualcomm believes it can give Windows ecosystem an Apple Silicon like boost with Snapdragon

M1 Apple Silicon has impressed the vast majority of the tech industry. With 2x better performance and incredible battery life, the M1 chip has revolutionized the user experience of first-generation Apple Silicon MacBooks. However, unsatisfied Qualcomm believes that its Snapdragon processor in Windows laptops will not only outperform M1 Macs but also bring 5G connectivity and high-quality cameras.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx vs Apple Silicon

Speaking to journalists at the manufacturer’s new Snapdragon 888 mobile chip launch event, Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm SVP, and general manager for mobile, compute, and infrastructure said that “Apple’s new chip was a validation for putting mobile chips into laptops”. Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon further commented that,

“We invested early in Windows on Snapdragon, and we’ve been on a journey to build this ecosystem together with Microsoft. What we have seen in the past month is a broader validation that was the right bet.”

Qualcomm believes its Snapdragon chip for PC will outperform M1 Apple Silicon

Since the company has not updated its year-old PC chips, the manufacturer was questioned about M1 Macs at the Snapdragon 888 launch event. Answering that, Katouzian pointed out the lack of 4G connectivity and poor quality front camera with 720p resolution in the new Apple Silicon MacBooks. He further said,

“For many years laptop makers didn’t want to bother with improving their front-facing cameras. With laptops powered by Snapdragon, you can have a video call experience that feels like you’re right there in person … with 5G connectivity built into your PC, you can be productive and connect securely from virtually anywhere. You don’t need to buy a separate camera, or mic, or modem dongle.

He also added that work habits adopted in this prevailing COVID-19 pandemic like remote work demanding video conferences will continue on for years to come. And for that, a high-quality camera and longer battery life will be must-have capabilities in future devices, so users can work from anywhere, at any time in a secure way.

Katouzian also added that Qualcomm produces chipsets for various price points, that Apple cannot match.

“Qualcomm addresses many tiers and many price points with its 7c, 8c, and 8cx laptop chipsets, letting Windows laptop makers drive prices well below the MacBook Air’s $999 list price.”

via PCMag

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